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I had line X in my 2002. At the time I was a union bricklayer. I hauled yards of sand, gravel, and rock. I put pallets of brick, stone, block, and motor in the back daily. As you know to fit 2 pallets in you have to slide the first one to the front of the bed with a fork lift. My linex still looked like the day I had it installed when I sold the truck. I did multiple tests with samples of other bed liner materials before I went with linex. I let the samples soak for a week in different buckets of diesel fuel, xylene, and acetone. (all stuff I used at work) The only one not effected by the chemicals was line x. My 95 silverado and 98 sonoma had drop in bed liners. They rubbed the paint off down to bare metal within a year. In my opinion, if you plan on keeping the truck "forever" linex is the way to go. They can now color match it to the truck. I know guys that had rhino, it peeled when heavy pallets were slid on it, it also cut with sharp shovels while unloading sand.
Yup, there is no substitute. Sometimes, I would see light gray scratches on the Linex. Then in a couple days, they'd just be gone like magic.

Like I say about my Pit Bull, "My best friend is a Pit Bull. Everything else is just a dog."

As far as Linex, My truck is protected by Linex. Everything else is just plastic.