Hi Dudes & Dudettes,

I will be the proud owner of a 1995 Suburban K1500 LS in just a couple days. It's a real cream puff, and
I'm getting it from a friend for a song (+ dance).
The vehicle has 190K miles on it, and they're all highway miles. It was driven by a local Church on Mission
Trips, and serviced meticulously by my friends' shop.
It has every option available except for the Moon Roof, and they all work. The interior looks like a Cadillac!

I'm very excited to be getting this nice GM, and learning how to tinker with it. This is all new to me, as I'm
used to messin' with my old Ford Truck ('71 F100 w/390).

The guys at the shop are Chevy Guys, so I will have some help. I'm looking forward to the challenge. So,
bare with me if I axe some dumb newbie questions.

Merry Christmas Everyone!