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Thread: 1999 S10 Xtreme

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    Finally seeing warmer weather here. Gonna drop to 20 tomorrow again but then go back up to the 40's. Almost wrenching weather!

    Was just searching online for parts and came across a bed with the ground effects and no rust. red in color plus he has other misc parts. Wants $350 for it. Gonna call him tomorrow and get some pics and info about it. So if it's in good condition that would be a deal plus if he has the fender i need i can get a deal with him. Then i can have a bed with all the ground effects on it and then sell the one i have now for a good price since it has that minor damage.
    95 S10 LS 5 speed ext cab 2wd "work truck"
    3/3 static _ Spectre Air Filter _ Punched out cat _ Glasspack>

    99 S10 Xtreme 3rd door, 5 speed 4.3 VIN W
    Hurst Short Throw Shifter _
    American Racing wheels (275/60/15; 215/70/15) _ Sub/Amp/Stereo _ TB Mod>

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    Been a long day today. Went to start the truck yesterday and it crank for a second and then nothing. Tried it again...nothing. First thing that came to mind was the clutch starter safety switch. It has given me problems in the past a few times. Tried bypassing it to see if it was that for sure and still no start. Checked all the fuses and relays. Everything was fine. Started doing some volt meter readings. Everything was reading fine. Was getting the correct volts from the switch. Was getting the correct volts to the starter. Tried jumping pins on the starter relay and nothing at all again. Took the switch out and it looked worn so i threw a new one in.
    Didn't do anything.
    So, i moved down to the starter itself. Got it dropped and checked the volts. Was only getting a max of 1.33V. No where near good enough. The connections were very dirty and corroded so i started disconnecting it so i could take it out and clean every thing up. Then i could get a better reading and see if i needed to run new wiring to the starter. Well the whole casing where the terminals sit for the wires cracked right out like it was a potato chip. Well now i needed a starter for sure. So i got it out and then found the problem. The wire that goes from the solenoid into the starter itself was brittle and broke in half. So that's why i was getting very very low volt readings. So $158 later the truck is fine again.

    Now onto the good news. Talked to the guy with bed and he said it's in good shape. Has all the GFX and no rust. Sitting on saw horses right now. Comes with a bed liner which i'll probably sell or make into a under the rail as well as the tail lights. Has a few small dents under the tail lights that someone already started fixing but just needs final finishing. He also has a fender that pristine. It's green but it was just painted for one of his previous trucks. Was gonna go today to get the stuff but couldn't so i'm gonna go next weekend. $350 for the bed with full Xtreme GFX and the front fender.

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    Been doing some looking around at some high flow cats and i came across Thunder Bolt which i found on a blazer forum. So i checked the site out and found one that i like. I have to double check the diameter piping but i believe it's 2.5" at the cat and 2.25" from the muffler. So what i wanna do is get the 2.5" high flow cat and a 2.5" pypes race pro muffler. I would like to run the pipe to the same location with a nice tip on it. I like them straight out of the back but on dual exhausts more. I hope the high flow cat will make it flow that much better than the horrible factory cats. I think the heat shield is rattling on mine right now but i have to look at it yet. If the honeycomb is shaking around in there than i guess that's just a better excuse to get rid of the darn thing lol

    And i gotta get this MPG up in this thing. Not sure why yet but i'm only getting an average of 17mpg. My other truck gets around 20 even pulling a light load. So i might throw in a new fuel filter, cap and rotor and see if that helps. Plus with the new exhaust i hope to do early spring/summer will help it more.

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    Had a busy weekend so i haven't been on to update. I went and got the other bed on Saturday morning. It did have ground effects on it but not factory Xtreme and has more damage then my other bed. The damage is on the right side under the tail light on the back corner. The bumper almost covers it so it's right on that corner there. Has a few highs but is mostly small dents that could almost be ready for a skim coat but i wanna get them out as much as possible to reduce the amount of filler there. So i've been working on that a little.
    My other bed has been in the process of getting fixed. I got the crease almost entirely out and the tail light is almost sitting in perfect and how i want it.

    So why did i get the other bed even though the one i have has less damage? Well i got a screaming deal i couldn't turn down. He wanted $350. When i saw the damage there was no way i was paying that. Was taking my time looking at it noticing there was no rust. Fender wells were solid. Floors were solid. Came with an under the rail bed liner. Looked at the damage again and told him i would have to think about it. So he lowered the price. I was also getting a fender in the deal which was green but very nice condition. We look in the bed and we see a red drivers side front fender. Well now i have a color matched front fender instead of the green one. That saves me from getting it painted. I was still iffy on the the deal because i was thinking about the damage. Then he says he has a passenger side door that's in mint condition also in red to replace mine since it has a dent around the door handle. Well now he was throwing in the fender and the door with the bed. So i thought about it and came to a deal. Shook on it for only $200 bucks. The door is worth close to that alone! Which is also totally rust free.

    So my plan is to finish my original bed which is close to being ready for a skim coat when weather warms up. Then i'll fix up the bed i just bought and sell it. Should be able to sell it for over 300 bucks. So that means i got a door, a fender for free and over $100 of profit into my pocket. If i wasn't getting the door and the fender in the deal i most likely would not have even gotten the bed. I would have just bought the fender off of him.

    I don't have any pics of the stuff yet but i took a few pics of the frame underneath the bed when i took it off. I'm planning on taking the bed i bought off so it's easier to work on and then put my original bed back on. I'm gonna coat the frame while it's off. This thing is super clean. I wiped all the dust off and this is what it looks like.

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    Here's the fender i got. I put it on today which was a process but i still need to buff it out since the paint is a little dull from sitting. There was a small paint chipped off as you can see in pic two so i put a little rust proof paint on it just to protect it.

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    It's progress

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    For sure. Not a lot of progress but i wanted to get the parts damaged in the crash fixed first.

    It's finally warming up here. This weekend i'm Gonna switch the bed and throw some paint of the back of the frame while i swap the bed.
    I'll also be putting my sub and amp in very soon. Possibly next weekend.

    I was deciding on if i should paint the sway bars this weekend as well but i'm gonna wait on that.

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    I just got the tranny back for mind last weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurbanMan View Post
    I just got the tranny back for mind last weekend
    Yea i saw your thread a few days. Looks like some good progress.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Been a busy weekend trying to work on my truck while doing work around the house. Got some awesome weather. Took the bed off and painted the frame which came out great. Just have the the rest under the cab to paint which i might do next weekend or during the week. I took some pictures as well. I'll pick a good weekend to do a good detail on it because it's really dirty.

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    Planning on getting my sub/amp in this weekend. I put my stereo in the other day. I just have to get another dash kit since my other one is meant for the other style dash.
    Then im gonna try and get the the throttle plate mod done too. I gotta get better throttle response. It sucks right now. If i could have the response that my other truck has it would be perfect. I think a big part of it is my cat is bad. Once i get the high flow cat in, muffler and throttle plate mod it will get better response and flow better. I wanna go with a pypes street pro instead of the race pro. Its supposed to have a louder and better sound which these motors need all the help they can get to sound good. Id like to get that within the next few weeks.

    I also got the other truck back on the road yesterday. Felt good to drive it. Huge difference in ride quality. Makes my other truck feel like luxury. Gonna be good to start using it for work instead of my other truck.

    Ill put up pictures of the system once i get it in. Its probably gonna be the same layout as it was in my other truck. Dont have too many options that will still allow to use the flip down seat and put stuff in the back.

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