Hey everyone,

Sorry for not being on here recently, senior year of college and Air Force ROTC has been keeping me plenty busy. This semester I will have a little extra coming back from my financial aid and wanted to put it into my truck. I have decided to take my frustrations out on the rust again and once the temperature rises, the any frame rust will be sanded, hit with permatex rust treatment, and then seal it with permatex undercoating.

Besides that I wanted to upgrade the brakes front and back with Power Stop K2010 Front/Rear Ceramic Brake Pad and Cross Drilled/Slotted Combo Rotors
and while I'm doing that I wanted to replace the brake lines with Edelbrock / Russell 672430 Direct Bolt-On Street Legal Brake Line Kit.

Just wanted to know what everyone thought or if anyone had any experience with these products.