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    How did the employee get the car out of there without being questioned? Heads would roll imo.

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    Here's a little more Information, I came across, on this Wrecked 2012 Camaro ZL1

    If you're attached to your car, you probably have the same feeling as most of us do when we leave our keys to someone else outside our circle – think dealer, parking attendant etc. And all for good reason as there's an abundance of stories about company employees taking cars for joyrides, sometimes with disastrous results. You can add John Hooper to the list of owners who came to experience this first hand when he left his 2012 Camaro ZL1 with around 10,000 miles to Georgetown, Delaware, dealer "1st State Chevrolet" (otherwise known as 'First State Chevrolet') in the middle of December 2013. On Monday, December 16, he received a dreaded phone call from the dealer informing him that one of the company's employees had crashed the car after taking it for a joyride on Sunday.

    While it's pretty obvious that Hooper should be reinstated, he has run into problems with the dealer and the insurance companies and has yet to replace his ride, three weeks after the accident.

    The Chevrolet Dealer posted this on their website:

    "Recently 1st State Chevrolet had an employee enter the dealership on Sunday December 15th and take a customer’s Camaro without authorization and subsequently totaled the customer’s car in an accident. Our business is closed on Sundays and was locked as is usual procedure. The employee acted on his own in this unfortunate event. This is an awful situation for both the customer and the dealership to deal with. We have been in contact with the customer and apologized for this situation at length. Both parties’ insurance companies are working to handle this claim in a satisfactory manner. Hopefully this situation will be settled in the very near future.

    -Robert L. Hansen
    President 1st State Chevrolet"

    The issue at hand is that Hooper and 1st State Chevrolet can't come to an agreement for the replacement. You'd think that the dealer would want to keep the client happy and compensate him for his loss and time as well, while also avoiding any negative publicity by offering a new ride, but they want to give him a used model of equal worth, and that's where they disagree.

    As reported by the Cape Gazette that followed the story, the dealership offered Hooper two used Camaro ZL1s, but he declined both on the ground that they were not comparable to what he lost.

    The first one was said to have had two previous owners, while Hooper's wife Debbie found out that the car also been in an accident, while the second one was the same year model but had 3,000 miles more.
    While the issue drags on, Debbie Hooper said that the couple will continue to make payments on the car. They also met up with an attorney who told them that they are not "entitled to pain and suffering, lawyer or court costs".
    “It's going to end up costing us more money if we go forward with the attorney,” she said.

    For the time being, they're driving a loaner car from 1st State Chevrolet with a cracked windshield since the ZL1 went into the shop for the paint problem.

    “We're losing sleep over this, time off from work, and this still isn't resolved,” John Hooper said. “This is so ethically and morally wrong it isn't funny.”

    As For The Employee,
    responsible for this whole mess, Delaware State Police charged Eric Peterson, 42, of Georgetown with careless driving and failure to have insurance identification in possession. The man was also fired from the dealership. Police told Debbie Hooper that she could not file theft or any other criminal charges against Peterson as the car was in the dealer's possession when the crash occurred.

    Link to Rest of the Article,


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    I feel so bad for the family. Since the dealership are privately own Chevrolet isn't liable to do anything either. The ownership of the dealership is really low. If I were the owner of a dealership and something like that had occurred I would do anything that I could to apologize. That dealer seems like his only concern is how to save money.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Late last night I sent the story into the today show. I feel with more coverage (if they even mention it, the dealer will do the rigt thing)
    Objects in mirror are losing

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    I found a camaro forum where the family has been posting. I think that is where I saw that the dealer offered them a camaro with 1,000 miles more. I found a list of the cars they offered the guy and he refused them over added options like tinted windows and a sunroof. Which I guess is his right. I recently found that GM and Berger Chevrolet (Grand Rapids, Michigan) have stepped in and are paving [not paying] the way for a new 2013 ZL1 to be sent to First State Chevrolet for the guy to purchase. What I don't get is why the guy would have the car shipped to the dealer that wrecked his car and gave him such a hard time. I don't care that it is the only dealer in the area. I would drive to another town. On the other forum the guy said that he has bought 6 cars from the dealer over the last 3 years. 2 of them at the same time and this is how they treated him! I don't think that he should have gotten a free car. He still owed on the wrecked car. So, I think that he should have been given a replacement for the remaining balance on his wrecked car (whether it was a new car or a used car) and maybe free lifetime maintenance at the dealer. The dealer did try to make the guy happy.

    If I took my truck to a dealer for service and they totaled I would expect a replacement truck of the same value and condition. If they found me an 2008 to replace my 2005 but it had less miles and less options I may take it.
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    I would have been happy with a used one and lots of other gratuities i.e. a huge gas card and extended, extended warranty lol
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    I feel the dealer is working really hard to compensate the family, but the family seems to want something that may not be possible to get.

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    Does anyone know/heard, what's Happening to the Employee who has Created this Mess??....

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    You should take the deal, I wonder why the dealer didnt file theft charges on the employee, cause it makes them 100% responsible?. hey they are offering a good used car for another good used car, its a fair trade with some boot like others have said. I think they are working with you on this, but its your battle to fight as you see it.
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    I saw this posted on a computer & tech form I am on. It is definitely make the internet rounds.
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    Wow, he went out for a joyride and ended up getting canned.

    On Dec. 16, she said, the dealership called to tell them an employee had taken the Camaro out for spin Dec. 15 and crashed it on Zoar Road near Georgetown.
    “He went out for a joyride and crashed the car,” Hooper said.
    Delaware State Police charged Eric Peterson, 42, of Georgetown with careless driving and failure to have insurance identification in possession. First State Chevrolet owner Bob Hansen said Peterson no longer works at the dealership.
    LEGALLY, they are only required to pay to get them into an identical vehicle. However, when you consider that this is a limited production vehicle, that does change the game a little bit and you have to simply go by the estimated appraised value at the time of the loss. My guess is that they have a lot of emotion tied up into this, but when the law comes into play you have to push that emotion to the side and just get down to $$$.

    NOW, If it were me running that dealership then I would have instantly given them a new vehicle from the lot or have them order it and pull any favors I had coming to me from GM to get it delivered ASAP. The negative press they're receiving might cost them far more business (like FAR more money) than if they just made the people happy. I have no idea what a 2012 Camaro ZL1 with 10,000 miles on it will go for, but my guess is that it's less than the $60,000 that they paid for it. I think they were just hoping to hold onto it and use it as an investment where the value would once again increase over time.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just to follow up on my own point again, I guess the owners of the Camaro are saying that this was a limited production vehicle, so getting an exact vehicle with the correct options package might be difficult to do. Again, they need to figure out a $ amount or get an identical vehicle.

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