Saw this posted on the First State Chevrolet website.

1st State Chevrolet and GM have been working together on making our customers- The Hoopers - whole again after the incident on December 15th, 2013. We have located a car that will become the Hooper's and this issue will be resolved shortly! We thank everyone for their patience in this situation!
- 1st State Chevrolet
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Wow, this made USA Today.

Dealer to replace vehicle crashed by employee after pressure from outraged car enthusiasts.
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Plus, it looks like the owner Hooper is a die-hard collector/expert on the subject of Camaros, so he would know what are apples and oranges.

Hooper, a longtime Camaro collector who wrote a reference book about the original 1969 ZL1 models, pressed the dealership, First State Chevrolet, to find him a replacement. The Camaro ZL1 is the most powerful four-passenger sports car Chevrolet makes. The retail price of current models starts at $55,000.
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This is making more sense now. Hooper's side of the story is that the dealership denied responsibility at first, so they were maybe hoping that they could just push it off to the hooper's insurance company. Wow, that's got to hurt a little bit.