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    Let me go back to the fuel pressure. I used a gauge to find 52 psi for fuel pressure. Also, I cannot get the truck to a local parts store to have codes read. They wont rent them either because," they always come back damaged". I dont know anyone who has a scanner either. If it is getting fuel and has fire, why wont it start?

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    Also I know the check engine light was on because it is on. I have a EGR code and rear O2 code from earlier.

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    When your testing using the spray can of Starting Fluid, you spray it into the mouth of the throttle body while someone is cranking the engine.

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    What is the best way to check that the injectors are working without a noid light or removing the upper intake to get to an injector plug?

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    If the injectors are your problem, spraying the starting fluid into the mouth of the throttle body should have started the truck.

    If the truck does not start, and run for 2 secs, when starting fluid is sprayed into the throttle body, fuel delivery is not your problem.

    You say you have spark, I do not know what else to suggest.

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    I am beginning to wonder if there is a timing issue? I pulled the plug wire off the first plug on the Lh side, and cranked it over a few times. When I pulled the plug it was dry. If the injectors were working, it should be wet. My main concern now is when I crank it over, it stops after a few turns
    as if something is hitting, then it cranks fast for a few more turns and stops again. Any more ideas?

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    After all the problems I had, I decided to replace the cap and rotor. Now the truck will start and run, but it has a bad miss. I am guessing a bad wire or I didn't get the cap down tight enough. Was afraid to over tighten and crack. I know the wires are on right as I double checked before reinstalling the coil.

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