I've posted about this previously, but would like to continue here.

The symptoms.

When I turn my headlight on my right hand turn signals turn on front and back, but don't blink and the signal shows solid on the gauge cluster.

If I turn my right hand turn signal on without the head lights on the hazards come on.

The left hand indicator works just fine.

What I've done:

I change out the indicator/hazard switch in the column along with the rest of the wiring.

I've looked for ground issues. Can't find any.

I pulled fuses.

When I pulled the T/L Ctsy fuse the signal light on the dash disappeared and the turn signal didn't come on with the head light. I didn't have any running lights either. Everything else remained the same.

I pulled the stop/hazard fuse. The hazards still came on with the right hand indicator, but didn't work otherwise.

I am at a loss. Any ideas?