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    Default will 80watt bulbs melt my housings?

    I have a 05 yukon xl with the OEM Denali projection headlight housings. It currently uses 55watt 9005 for the high and low beam bulbs. I have already upgraded the wiring harness for the headlights. The wire goes directly to the battery and thru two relays. The stock harness is just used to trigger the relays. I recently saw a set of 80watt 9005 at a truck stop. I have tried all the fancy bulbs out there. from piaa to sylvania. I currently am running 55w GE night hawk bubls. they were great at first but the light output has seemed to degrade over the course of 3 months (they are 3 months old) I almost took out a deer last night on my way to the gym. Likely he stopped running as I slammed on the brakes. He stopped about 1 foot from my drivers door and just looked at me. So, I am curious if you guys think that 80w bulbs will melt my housings? I do not want to go HID. The Sheriff deputies around here are known to impound vehicles with aftermarket HID's on them. Plus it just gives them a reason to stop me. Not that I have anything to hide. Just don't want to be inconvenienced because I decided to put HID's in.
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    if you've got projection headlights just run 6000K HID's look bone stock, just throw more light. and adjust them accordingly. 80's a little risky. I wouldnt trust it.
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    If i were to go hid I would probably go closer to 4300k. I would want no blue color at all. Again, I am concerned about hid and law enforcement. I guess if I hid the ballasts well it would be safer

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    Are the Denali housings made of tougher materials than the stock ones because I'm almost sure 80w would melt factory housings. If you are worried about HIDs try to find ones that are closer to the same color temp as normal headlights. 6K may be alittle blue to a well trained eye, but most would never know. 5K is almost 100% pure white and no one could ever tell. Recentally I have been researching what I want to do next to better my trucks light output and learned a few things: 1. the brighter the halogen the much less life it has. Many high perfomance bulbs only last 100-200 hours before losing intensity. 2. HIDs are great but you need to know your stuff before getting it to them. 3. clean lenses or clear ones make huge improvements in light output even with old bulbs.

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    They are made of the same materials. Yea, I have been doing headlight research for a year or so now.(lumen output vs usable light vs perceived brightness due to K temperature) I found some HIR bulbs, they were awesome,(75%-110% more lumen output than a stock bulb, about 75% of the output of HID) not too white. But, only lasted about a year. I also found in research that many of the bulbs out there have a coating on the bulb to give it the desired color temp look, which in turn reduces lumen output and bulb life due to the filament burning hotter because of the coating. If you can find the Oshram version of some of the bulbs sold by sylvania in the US they have colored glass not a coating, hence higher output at lower temps meaning longer bulb life with better performance. The Oshram versions are sold in Europe, but can be found on Amazon. (Not Oshram sylvania, but just Oshram, yes they are the same company but Oshram is the European division) I don't want pure white. I had an issue with my piaa white bulbs. I was driving down I-75 on my way home from school in a pretty heavy snow storm. The white light just bounced off of the falling snow and created a wall of bright white about a foot in front of my truck. Needless to say, I could not see at all. I turned the headlights off and ran my fogs until the next exit. I had my stock bulbs in my truck so I switched them out. I was able to drive home in the snow with no issue with the more yellow stock bulbs. So, I will not put a pure white bulb in my truck again. I like the look of the syvania ZxE but I see the same issue with them as far as whiteness and poor weather. I drive way too much at night with my family in the car (I live in Michigan poor weather can strike at any time) to push safety to the side for the coolness factor.
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