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    Default Auto repair manual

    What's the Auto repair manual that everyone likes the best?

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    I've only had the opportunity to use haynes or chilton - are those the ones you are talking about?

    I have to admit that neither of them are perfect for my level of 'expertise'. The problem I encounter with manuals is that if I want to change a radiator hose I go to the manual and get (in how I understand it... will use the words I hear in my head):


    1) Disconnect negative battery cable from battery post marked (-).
    2) Using a 3/8 size socket with small extension remove the fan shroud bolts - 2 above and 3 below.
    3) Remove the tranimatic coupler from the upper radiator.
    4) While holding the bicut valve use a flathead screwdriver to wedge the accelerator main flowvalve cover back as you find the release clip of the underthrottle from the assembly. Keep assembly spring in same orientation.
    5) Remove engine and grind engine mount bolts to remove.
    6) Place an appropriate size container to catch fluids as you remove engine.
    7) Replace radiator hose.


    Opposite of removal.

    ok... step one is a no brainer. step two.... I can follow that. step three.....wait, what's the tranimatic coupler? You have a picture of the negative battery cable with arrows pointing to it and the bolt but you don't show me waht the tranimatic thing is? step four... wait, wtf? WHAT!? there's one black and white picture that shows a bolt with an arrow pointing to it... where am I looking for that!? WHAT am I looking at!?? step 5... ok, nevermind, I'll go find an online forum to go ask about replacing the radiator hose - or at the very least... what the heck is a tranimatic couple thing!?

    But...ok, if I had to pick one of those two I'll go for Chilton.

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    The last few I've bought or used are the small ones available at the parts store for specific vehicles.

    Cheap, but for what I use them for they are ok.

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    I don't know that I have a favorite, I just get what's most economical:

    I buy the Haynes manual.
    The free vehicle repair guides at contain the stuff from Chiltons
    Local libraries have Mitchell and/or Motor professional manuals for both my trucks, so I can get additional information from them.
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    The chilton and haynes manuals are a joke! Spend some extra money and get the GM service manuals. They will cost upwards of $150 but are well worth it. Or you can subscribe to Alldata online and get some pretty good info.

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    I've used both Haynes and Chilton. I have to say I like the Haynes manual better. Maybe it's because that's the one I used first. It's by no means a complete repair guide that will show every little step with detailed illustrations, but it's a great guideline and has helped me plenty.
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    here are some repair guides and auto repair manuals you can look online if you need some repair guides for you car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunnelmotor99 View Post
    The chilton and haynes manuals are a joke! Spend some extra money and get the GM service manuals.
    Agreed, a buddy of mine that used to own a garage told me the Haynes Manuals brought him more business due to people getting in over their heads and not understanding, or breaking something or not being able to get it back together, or just poor instruction that leaves out a step such as "needing to remove _______ in order to access _________".

    What's the best place to buy GM Service Manuals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    What's the Auto repair manuals that everyone likes the best?
    Some manufacturer shop and maintenance guide if they will sell you one. I would desire the Chilton company then Haynes all will do for staple items like twisting specifications and of curiosity connect brakes.
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    If you plan on keeping the vehicle, then I would invest in the factory shop manual. The Haynes seem to be way short on details and claim not to be for indepth repairs but all have a section on rebuilding motors that only a fully equiped machine shop could perform. Go figure. I have had more than one project go bad or take way longer than it should because they failed to mention small details such as spring clips or the proper way to remove electrical connectors or some such thing. Thank goodness for the internet! Go factory.
    2000 GMC YUKON SLT, 5.3L tow pkg, G80 rear/w 3.73 gear

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