I have a 2000 silverado 1500 4x4. Its got a 5.3L v8 vortec, and I have a k&n air intake which was on it when I bought the truck. Guys from work were saying something about a throttle body spacer really helped in combination with an intake system, so I bought one. I tried installing it today which was not hard at all however, the way the tube on the intake turns and the throttle body sets out plus the extra inch from the space, the front of the intake tube is pushed into the back of the radiator fan. I could cut the shroud and it would be fine, but the fan is flush with the end of the shroud which screws me because then the fan will hit the intake tube.I don't want to cut notches in the blades due to the fact that I dont want to throw it out of balance or weaken it in any way, and I also know that I can't just eliminate the fan due to overheating. I have thought about getting an electric fan as the best overall solution, but the price is a little more than I can afford, and I'm not real sure what kind of "extra" money I will be getting into along with the amount of work that will need to be done. If anyone has any suggestions as to an easier and/or cheaper method, can you please leave some insight.

p.s. i bought the spacer from J.C. Whitney and I didnt ask about a return policy, does anyone know if they have a return deadline?