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    Default Fuel Gauge sender/fuel pump Together-seperate???

    My fuel gauge goes all over the place from full to empty. I want to fix it but I was told it may be built onto the pump and I would have to replace the entire unit. I asked the dealer and he said he wouldn't know until they "Got into it". That line always scares me. He said parts could be anywhere from $35 to $500 if I need to replace the entire unit.
    It is a 2000 Tahoe Limited with the 5.7 Vortec (It is the 99 body style) It has 60,000 miles on it. It's not a big deal most of the time but when I pull my trailer I get anywhere from 5mpg to 12mpg so I never know how far I can go on the 30 gallon tank.
    Anyone know if it is a single unit or seperate in the tank?
    Thanks, Rich

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    they are sold as a unit but if you look you can find the parts sold seperatly. this is a part that is easy swapped once the tank is down. the level sending unit is a resistor bay with a float sweep. so your floay maybe the issue or connections.

    the tan box and float are the main unit.....mike
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    i had the exact problem with my 2000 silverado w/ a 5.3 vortec when i first got it. the dealership i bought it from put a 30 day powertrain warranty on it so i took advantage of it. after replacing the whole unit, my fuel pump went out 2 months later, so i took it back, then the new fuel pump went out 6 months later, then a third 6 months later, so now being on my fourth fuel pump, i finally took it to my uncle and said screw them, paid in full for a delco fp and havent had a problem since. i also had problems with my alternator they replaced it as well but i completely bypassed them for the second change and my uncle said he had never heard of either of the brands they had put on (for the fp or the alternator). turns out there are 2 different size alternator options and mine required the higher amp. i also had a rearend go out on it on my freakin birthday, 3 months after i bought the truck. so through experience, dont cheap out on products for a chevrolet, you might get lucky if you do, but i say better safe than sorry.
    2000 silverado with a 5.3l v8, shorty headers, upgraded plugs, 10 mil wires, magnaflow high flow cats, flowmaster 80 series muffler(2 in 2 out) w/ 18 inch stainless silverline tips. i have a k&n CIA. its a 4x4 z71 offroad package. Ls model.
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    I have heard horror stories about the fuel pumps. Maybe the problem is the cheaper replacement parts as you described...Interesting! Thanks

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    my 1st pump went to 310,000 miles and i replaced it with a higher pressure "Gold" bosh pump----no issues....mike
    340,500 miles now

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    Quote Originally Posted by collinsperformance View Post
    my 1st pump went to 310,000 miles and i replaced it with a higher pressure "Gold" bosh pump----no issues....mike
    340,500 miles now
    Mike, When are you going to put some miles on that truck? LOL
    Is it the original engine/trans?

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    yes same motor and trans. it still working for me each day without too much complaint. i got an idle miss but after you hit 1000 rpm no issues and less if the ac is off......mike

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    Smile Me Too!

    I had the same problem with my 2001 Silverado. After 115K miles, it started as a fuel gage that was moving around erratically then over time proceeded to where the truck wouldn't start on the first time. I'd turn the key and it would crank but not start. Then it would start on the second try. I replaced the fuel pump/sending unit module about 3 weeks ago with a used one. This past weekend it crapped out on me again so my truck is sitting in the garage now with the tank down (again) waiting for a new pump. The repair is not hard to do yourself if you are fairly good with hand tools. Getting the tank back up is the hardest part. One trick I've heard that I'm going to try today is to use ratcheting tie down straps to pull/hold the tank up while you are reconnecting the metal tank straps.

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    to add to the last post, when i had that problem, it helped drastically when i changed my fuel pressure regulator too.
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    to re-install the tank i used a floor jack and some ply wood and 2X4s pump the tank up back into the spot (this suck when there is 3/4 of a full tank of gas but it does work........mike

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