hi. for starters I am new to forums. first time ever. but I need some help. I work on cars for a living and well my own personal truck has stumped me and two other tech to the point we have no idea what to do or where to go from here. well here goes..

96 gmc Sonoma 2.2l
installed rebuilt engine
crank no start
checked for resistance and repaired if needed wires to crank sensor, cam sensor, computer, icm, coils, ground wires, fusible link wires, ignition switch wires, starter,. fuel injectors, power wires. 0.0 to .1

no pulse width for crank sensor cam sensor or injectors.

voltage checked to crank sensor cam sensor battery alternator pcm ignition switch starter icm coil fuel injectors. all are as they are suppose to be.

tested all relays. all good

fuses inspected and tested

replaced crank sensor cam sensor pcm icm clutch peddle switch coils.

misc. info... when cranking losing 2 volts goes from 12 to 10 volts
sometimes loses communication with verus or solex computer
cranks over good and strong
no rpm signal
crank and cam sensor will do a very small bleep when done manually
locksmith verified no antitheft
pcm has been replaced with a rebuilt and has been programed.
thank you for your time