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    Default Ground wire behind passenger side cylinder head

    Anyone know what size bolt it is and how I could get it off. I have a 5.7L 350 TBI. There is hardly any room to work with. I tried getting a wrench back there and there is no room to turn. The wire didn't get reconnected after a buddy of mine pulled the motor out to replace my freeze plugs, now he says he is to busy to look at it. Anyone got any ideas on putting it back. My truck idles like crap now and I can't have any lights or anything that uses electricity without have my volt gauge going crazy. Anyway I can possibly ground it somewhere else or attach a longer wire to it and connect it to my battery. Would that do the trick? It seems ridiculous to take it to a shop and pay $100 just to get it fixed, but if I have to I will.


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    you cant get to it by going under the vehicle?

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    If it is the same one I wrestled with a month ago -- the one just below and to the passenger side of the distributor, that one is a challenge to get to.

    IIRC, on my '98 5.7 Suburban, it was a 9/16" or 5/8" wrench for the nut. After trying a few different angles, I was able to access it from above, reaching around the distributor. It seems I could also get at it from the driver's side, kind of reaching around behind the distributor. Perhaps your older configuration does not have as much room between the engine and firewall as mine does, but I found that with patience and persistance, I was able to get that ground strap reattached.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z71xWytout View Post
    Anyway I can possibly ground it somewhere else or attach a longer wire to it and connect it to my battery. Would that do the trick?
    The ground straps serve two purposes. 1) conduct DC power, everyone pretty much gets this; 2) dissipate AC/RF noise.

    A regular wire will work for #1 but straps are used because they are better at #2. So don't replace a strap with a wire if you can help it, get a piece of strap. Missing ground straps can lead to all kinds of squirrely problems with the injector and sensors that you really don't want to have to chase.

    But yes you can typically relocate the ground strap without problems as long as each end of it goes to the same assembly it did before. If the old strap goes from the head to the firewall replace it with a longer strap that still goes from the head to the firewall but using more accessible bolts. Or if it's from the block to the frame replace it with something that goes from the block to the frame. Don't just run it to the battery as that may not solve the RF/AC problem it was meant to solve.
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    Great answer. Just re-position it to a more user friendly area,still maintain the intent of the ground strap. Good ol common sense.

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