I am a 71 year old lady who has loved GM cars since I was a teenager. I am a retired x-ray tech, living in Montana where Chevy trucks rule.
I am on my fourth Chevy SUV, latest one being a 2007 Suburban XLT, all black inside and out. Absolutely love it. Its a keeper. I also have a 2003 Anniversary Corvette which is what I have yearned for since my early 20's.
Since my Suburban is so spiffy, I would really like to get new wheels for it. I havent decided yet on which ones as I dont know what is available for that car. I kind of like the ones with black and chrome but very simple in design, nothing flashy. And I dont want to spend more than $1200 if possible.
Another thing that has delayed getting wheels is, do the tire sensors have to be replaced, or can they be transferred? I live in a small town and so far, the guys I have talked to about it, dont really know much about that.
So I was wondering if I could get some info on the above, about where to look online, and what would be the best deal, and of course, any info on the tire sensors would be helpful.