I recently ordered a new grille for my truck. Still waiting on it to show up... It does not come with a bowtie but of course has a place for one. So, I also ordered a solid aluminum bowtie to put in the grille. Anyway, I decided I'd like to color-match my front bowtie during this exterior upgrade.

I ordered a vinyl wrap from here: http://www.webxtremes.com/chevybowtiewrapdecals.htm

The problem is, they don't really have any good pics of their bowtie wraps so I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting. What I wanted was a full wrap so I could completely cover the edges of my new bowtie and wrap the vinyl around to the back to protect it better. I just have this fear that the edges of a sticker that only covers the face of the bowtie would start to peel away after a while. Therefore, I decided to buy one of each to be safe. In the fourth drop-down menu, I selected one [Grille] and one [11.165" x 4.81"] - after measuring my grille emblem, of course. Based on what I wanted, the "wrap" was the correct choice but again, with out any photos on the site, I just wasn't sure what they meant by "grille".

Since my order showed up, I thought I'd share what each one looks like so others will know what to buy if they care to color-match their bowties. In the pic below, my new bowtie is sitting on the 11.165x4.81" wrap and the "grille" option is below it.