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    Well Ray: I replaced the parking lights and found a couple of Burt bulbs and two of the sockets had some browning. I will replace them later this week. But I put in new fog lights and they look great but don't work. So I was going through the LMC cat. and found a Heavy-Duty Headlight Harness for $29.95 and will cost 30 or 40 to ship but I think that replacing all the lighting wiring is the way to go. I also went through all the fuses, but didn't replace the flasher unit as it's 80 bucks and I'm not sure if that's it. Any idea's would be a big help. T
    Thanks Eric

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    The "browning" shouldn't be a big concern, a little rub with some fine sandpaper should clean it up.

    I doubt if the harness needs to be replaced, that would be a big job.

    You may very well have a bad flasher, I haven't had a flasher apart in a long time. I know they still click, but I don't think they use the old relay type of internals, it's probably sold state.

    Find a friend with a matching truck and see if he'll let you swap flashers.

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    Hi Ray: Well it was a day of sunshine and warm, I replaced my main serpentine belt and my air belt as well as The Tensioner Pulley plus the Pulley; Steel Smooth/Backside. as well as the air belt. I plugged my scanner in the truck and came up with MAF error. So I took all the air intake off (had to do it anyway for the belts) had some cleaner just for mass air flow sensor. But I was bagged after. I think I will do the sockets tomorrow and if that doesn't do it I will try the flasher.

    Take care, and thanks for the commenting my son, he's in Hospital now, hopefully he will be back at the end of the week.
    Thanks, Eric

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    Well I was at the GM dealership talking about my problem. Both parts guys are sure it's a short, this whole thing didn't start untill I had a new front and back bumper were replaced. He told me that there were several places on a truck that have groubd points. Anyone have any ideas where they might be?
    Thanks Eric

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    Eric, the easiest way to find if it's a ground is to use a multi-meter. One lead on a known good ground (sometimes you need to run a temporary wire from the neg of the battery), the other on the ground wire for the light. Resistance should be 0 ohms.

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    I replaced the lenses and the sockets on my drivinglights and all the bulbs and they still don't work. I was at the Gm. partscounter and they say it's the ground. I had new front bumper put on and that'swhen the turning signal problem started. They told me that they were groundsunder the truck that may not have a good connection. But I have no idea wherethey are. Any tips would greatly very helpful. Thanks, Eric
    Thanks for the thought on the boy (sean ).

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    If you have something like a jumper cable, clip one end to the battery positive and the other to a bumper bolt (you might need to try a number of different bolts). If the flashers work normally, it is a ground problem. Just connect a ground strap (Canadian Tire, or Princesses Auto) from something like the frame to the bumper bolts.

    How is Sean making out?

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    Sean went into the hospital for 4 days and has been in for 3 weeks so far, but the radation and transplant is next. He should have a week's brake before he goes back in for 2 months. Thanks for asking Rayvoy......Well still trying to find the short but one thing I forgot to mention was I had a new front bumper installed and that’s when I started having the problems. I was looking at the battery and one of the grounds went down towards the bumper and looks like it's pinched between the parts of the bumper. First non-rainy day I am going to dig in and find out.Thanks for all the idea's. Eric

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