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    Very informative, Georgia. Thank you.

    The original EVO from about 4 years ago was awesome. It was followed by the EVO 3D then the EVO 4G LTE. I had the original and I currently have the 4G LTE. I loved the original but the 4G LTE is mediocre at best.

    AT&T and Sprint are the only carriers I have been on. To me, they are very comparable. I like the truly unlimited everything that Sprint offers and my dad has AT&T and gets a very weak signal at his house (which is in the middle of no where) but I get a good signal at his house on Sprint. Hell, my Sprint 3G out there is faster than his satellite home broadband, lol.
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    I think it is going to come down to who can provide you the best service in the area that you will be in most.
    Where I live in Iowa, GSM carrier towers are few(att, t-mobile), their provided signal towers are less. CDMA carriers are more prevalent(sprint, verizon, uscellular) and thus more popular.

    Personally I have the samsung galaxy s4. there are many times when I can't get 4glte service and it will roll back to 3g or even 1x.
    Depending on your phone you may be able to turn off the lte function so it's not even trying to use 4g.
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    You're very welcome. I switch often and I get phones I do a lot of research. Glad to help you out. Also, like Scott pointed out certain areas my LG G2 will drop off LTE and pickup 3G. 3G speeds are totally acceptable for surfing the web or doing light stuff. If you were trying to stream a YouTube video, you may have to wait a few seconds longer...big deal? Not for me.

    I do want to mention - LG G2 I know is compatible for the new Sprint Network they are rolling out (it's already in like 15 markets). It's called Sprint Spark. Seriously...if you're getting a new phone, make sure it's Spark compatible. All these people who are knocking Sprint for slow speeds...the Spark will be like 50Mb/Sec download... simply put - VERY FAST. Faster than Comcast internet. And even without download on LTE is usually between 8-17mb/sec (big margin, I know) which is almost as fast as Comcast. Not sure if this helps you at all... if you aren't currently in a LTE market...this may be of little value to you. But the reason Sprint is slow in putting out LTE markets, is they are trying to 1-up the rest by rolling out this new Spark network.
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    I picked up a moto x last week and so far I'm liking it a lot. A bit better camera would make it great. There are tons of reviews and comparisons on YouTube you can check out.
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    @GeorgiaZ71 Yeah, I saw and researched that new Spark deal. Sounds promising but my only thing is, I'm sure Sprint will use it as an excuse to charge more for the monthly plan. If I can get a Spark phone with out adding any additional fees to my monthly plan, I'll do it. But if a Spark phone has additional fees then forget it.

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    Good info being passed along in this thread. Thanks
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    The Galaxy S4 Active is by FAR the biggest piece o crap I have ever had. I have sent 5 back under warranty and working on my 6th one. I don't treat it bad it just freezes up constantly, drops calls, screen goes blank, email doesn't work, doesn't fully charge, battery life sucks doesn't even last 5 hours on regular usage, screen glitches while texting and starts sending random letters, and it randomly turns off... Just stay away from Android at all cost now they suck. I wish I would have stuck with IOS.
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    I saw what the Apple dude said in a previous post and I could not disagree more. I have one and love it. My carrier is AT&T. I was on Verizon but during the change over, we found that we were being overcharged. I would use two dixie cups and waxed string before I dealt with those thieves again. Plus AT&T's coverage has been excellent.
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    I went to the Sprint store today and upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for $99. I am diggin' this thing so far!

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    In my area, I have been with Bell South, Cingular, Sprint, AT&T, Nextel and Verizon.

    If I had my choice and Sprint did not screw up Nextel, I would still be on Nextel. Right now I am with Verizon and other than it burns a hole in my pocket each month, the service is nothing but great.

    As far as phones go, I still have my original EVO 4G from Sprint, that was the best phone of the day. Now I am on a Samsung Note 3 and will not look back.

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