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    Default 10-year old hit and killed by speeding Dallas police officer

    This sucks really bad. A 10-year old was crossing the street and was hit and killed by a Dallas Police Officer who was going 72 MPH in a 40 zone, 32 MPH over the speed limit. The officer was responding to a disturbance call, without lights and siren turned on. Even with lights and siren, the most they can go is 20 MPH over the speed limit on non-residental areas and in residential areas they can not exceed the speed limit unless there is someone's life at risk or a pursuit. If you think about it, he was was going very close to double the posted speed limit (1.8x).

    There are a lot of factors in this case, but the Dallas Police Department let the video out before the family had a chance to see it, which sucks. There was a light out in a key streetlight too. It's very disturbing, they showed the video on the news here locallly, probably national in some level too.

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    Very sad. Warning very distrubing video if you have kids. I do not agree at all that they let this video go out.


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    Very tragic.

    At least the first news station decided to edit the footage. I'm almost tempted to show the news story to my kids (oldest will be 10 next month) so that we can discuss the issues about safety and the consequences of disobeying directions even if we disagree with them.
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    thats messed up showing the video..
    i dident watch the whole video, but what time was the kid struck?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zach45 View Post
    thats messed up showing the video..
    i dident watch the whole video, but what time was the kid struck?
    You mean what time of day, or what 0:00 (time) of the video is it shown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach45 View Post
    thats messed up showing the video..
    i dident watch the whole video, but what time was the kid struck?
    I think that it's a Freedom of Infornation Act thing, the police can't hold back stuf if it's requested, so they started to just show it to the media becuase the media can request it anyhow. For instance, you can get the recording of the 911 call for anything, even your neighbor that calls 911 on you for being loud, etc.

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    That's very sad.
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    toughest thing about being in emergency services man one of the girls from my volly first aid squad struck a kid and killed him. She was responding to a cpr call on an infant and trying to get to the squad building but when she got to a bend in the road a kid on a bike didnt stay against the curb so as she rounded the curve he came out into the lane in front of her and she couldnt do a thing. The shameful part is the infant died too. people want you to hurry up to their emergencies but you still have to use do dilligence and its a tough call sometimes. The familys life changed the officers life changed forever he may lose his job over this and maybe go to jail for it. thats why im as careful as i can be going to calls i know ive done my fair share of speeding but there are just to many things to get in your way now. so now i try and just take my time and keep it to no more then 10 mph over if that sometimes i drive slower then the speed limit drives my captain nuts lol.

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    I recently got massivly cut off by Johnny Law who was flying out of a parking lot to get a speeder in an active school zone. I alamost Tboned the officer. So I got on the phone and called the station and filied a formal complaint . (gave my name, and truck make/model) and the number on the back of the cruiser. I spoke with the sargent explaind the situatioin and how I had seen it before and it could have been bad, ect. He got my cell # and said he would call me back, about 1 hour later he called back, said that 2 other people called on him for his little stunt, and the officer had been previously called on before, the sargent said the officer would be suspended for a few days, ensured me that it would not happen again by him and that the need to get a speeder was not worht the risk of hitting a kid or another car. & he thanked me for calling

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    thats sad. it sounded like he didnt think about safety going through the area. whats worse is the little boy didnt even get the chance to really get to live life. whats worse is some of these law officers doing what they do and get away with it. ive seen them down here going through traffic lights just so they dont have to wait there flip there lights on go through the light then turn off after there go through it. they do that and do the same if stuck in traffic . its mostly sheriffs that do it . i can see if they have a call but that is not right they think they are god with a gun. not all but some.

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