I know there are about a million Gm pickups on the road w one DTRL out .. and quite frankly I think it looks bad... it aravates me that GM has done nothing about all this.. and will charge about 200.00$ to fix this problem.
My drivers side DTRL recently went out. It is not the bulb due to the fact that i can knock on the lense and it will come on .. for a little while at least. (as with all other GM trucks w this issue)
SO I took my truck to the local Chevy dealer (Monument Chevy) they tell me that it is not under warranty so it is not coverd ... it is the thing the bulb goes in (sorry im old ..cant think of the name) my argument is if its a common problem i believe it should be fixed for free ( if the owner chooses to)
Monument Chevy has prevously pissed me off with another problem I have had .. my cd player wont take a disk w/o me pushing it in with another disk. .. i took my truck in and found out that this too is a common problem that GM has on my type of Head Unit and it too is not under warranty and it costs 300.00$ to ship it off and have it fixed ...mind you that much money you can buy a nice aftermarket CD player.
Sorry for the ramble i just dont see why a common problem/defect is not fixed for free.

How many of yall have a DTRM out or a CD player issue?

and does anyone go to Monument Chevy for parts/service???