I had a ratchet strap get between the box & cab of my truck (on the highway) and the end of the strap wrapped around the driveshaft, destroying my rear wind & beating the hell out of my exhaust. I've never replaced front or rear windows, and would greatly appreciate the necessary information on how to remove & replace the rear window. I always wanted a sliding rear window, and now I have no choice as I have to replace the broken original one. I need to know what adhesive it used to install this, if any. I also need to know how to remove one from a donor truck without breaking it. Being disabled SUCKS, so I have to save every cent I possibly can when I can.
I greatly appreciate any & all information. I am an ASE Certified Master Auto Tech even though I have not been able to work since Jan '04. I still stay very up to dat with today's technology with the hopes of one day being able to productively work again.
Thanks for your time, Kirk Bonanny.