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    Quote Originally Posted by stinger44 View Post
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and was wondering if you had to replace the tweeters in your truck as well. I have the bose system in a 2004 Silverado and want to replace the tweeters but not sure how to take the plastic molding off above the dash along the window.

    I would appreciate any help.
    The pillars just have tabs and snap off. I've never just replaced the tweeters but they run at a weird ohm load. So even if you replaced the tweeter with an aftermarket one it would sound crappy considering most speakers run at 4 ohm. The bose system really is a crappy system. People just like them because they sound better than the standard stock system considering their a bit bassy. So reall the only way to get a decent sound out of your front speakers is to either buy the tweeters from the factory or bypass the amp, add new aftermarket speakers and replace the deck or add an amp to power them. Bose is a huge rip off and their not that great. They run em at a weird ohm load so you'll pay the rediculous amount of money for a new tweeter. If you did replace the tweeters with the bose ones your other speakers are soon to follow. Much better and cheaper alternative to add an aftermarket system. If you actually took the speakers out and looked at then you'd realize that their just cheap paper coned speakers with a crappy amp. So basically what im sayin is if it were me i would spend the money to bypass the bose completely and add some good aftermarket speakers and also replace th deck or add a 4 channel. That's my opinion

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    great review, two thumbs way up on this writeup.
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    Figured I'd add something to this for those of us with the manual locks and windows.

    The removal of the lock itself is the same (labeled B in the OP's picture), but taking the window crank off is a little tricky if you're not sure what to do. Underneath the crank (and under the panel itself) at the base of the crank, you will find a small "U" shaped clip that holds the crank in place. Here is a picture of said clip:

    Here is a picture of one of the two slots that the small ears on the clip will go into:

    The best advice I can give you is to crank the window down to where you can see the ears on this clip, take a flathead screw driver, and push on one of the ears until the clip releases from one side. Then, take that flathead screw driver and pry gently on the U part of the clip, and you'll then be able to pull the crank off. When it comes time to put the crank back on, PUT THE CLIP ON FIRST! Don't put it all the way on, though, just enough to where the ears are ready. Then, pop the crank back on with a little force, and the clip should set itself. It took me half an hour to figure out how to take the passenger side one off, and only about a minute or so to take the drivers side off after I figured it out. I also put a crack in my panel because I'm an idiot and didn't realize you just have to lift up on the panel (I started with my back doors, so I though you just pulled it out like the clips on it). Just take your time, and DEFINITELY read the first post.

    Also, I think all the W/T's will be the same, but we don't have the two caps on the front and back of the door, and there is one screw at the bottom front, one under the arm rest and one behind the lock.
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    This thread rocks. Too bad we've not see him around in a while. ... miss these good quality posts.

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