Hey guys I am new to the forums and have been seeing a lot of electrical problems so I decided to post this issue in hopes that it may help someone out in the future. I am the PROUD owner of a 1996 K1500 Silverado Z71 and last week she started acting up on me. This is what she was doing, I would be driving down the road about 25 miles an hour and would turn my turn signal on and apply the brake to slow down for the turn. All of a sudden the truck would just shut down as if the negative battery cable had come off. I would coast to a stop turn off the headlights and put the truck in park. Then I would restart it and it would start fine. Well so the first thing I did was clean the battery terminals and the battery cables to make sure it had a good conection. That had no effect and the problem persisted. My next thought was the alternator so I took it off and went to good old checker auto parts to have it tested and it passed the load tests. So that was not the issue and then while sitting and having coffee on saturday it hit me. There has to be a short in the brake lights that is causing the problem since it was only occuring when the brakes were applied. So I crawled under the truck and I discovered that the owner before me was running trailer lights but then for some reason just cut the wires and took the connector. So only bare cut wires were hanging down where the connector would go. I could see where the brown (power) wire for the trailer lights has touched the frame and arced to forn a ground in the power system. So I put on a new connector and wired everything up right again and bam, that was the problem and I haven't had another one yet. I thought it was going to be a nightmare pulling all of the tail light wiring out and checking for bad connections but I started with the simple things first and that was the way to go. So if anyone has a similar problem, just start with the basics and work up, because sometimes the solution is right under your nose.