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    Default 04 Silverado: reverse hood & vinal sticker how to

    Hello everyone, I get alot of questions about the reverse (suicide) hood on my silvy. So this is a little write up to do your own.

    The #1 question: is that as far as it opens... must make it a pain in the ass to work on anything.

    A) Yes thats as far as it goes. And it's not nearly as bad as it looks, all of the maintenance items; Oil changes, brake fluid, PS fluid, spark plugs, cap & rotor, air cleaner.. etc. are still easily in reach. And if any major work is to be done the entire hood comes off with two 3/8" bolts.

    The kit is a universal do-all kit from Autoloc. part # TILTHD available from summit for $128.69

    The first step is mock up where everything will be and make sure the brackets will clear everything under the hood. Yes I have a cowl hood, but the bracing underneath doesn't gain any clearance compared to a stock hood. And mount the "hinge pads" to the radiator support core.

    I originally intended to weld the brackets to the core, until I ound out the radiator support is aluminum and the brackets are powder coated steel. So a couple bolts will suffice, and are in fact quite sturdy.

    So with the brackets in place bolt the rest of the assembly on and close the hood enough to sneak in a hand and mark where the brackets make contact with the hood.

    remove the hood and mount the brackets to the hood where you're marks were made.

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    The tilt hinge assembly has mounting pads. And luckily two of the pads lined up with the hood support braces. The rear pads didn't line up so I decided to make a simple piece of aluminum stock connect the two pads and mount at one single point in the rear.

    next you will notch the hoods hinge bracket like so

    Use the trucks original shouldered hinge bolt as the new catch for the notched hood brackets

    Put the hood back on and slowly lower so you can align the hinge eyelets with the mounting pads on the radiator support.

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    And viola you have a reverse tilt hood.

    This is why the hood will open so far.

    I also employeed the use a long screw driver as my hood prop

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    And how do you open & close the hood now? Easy three steps.

    1st) pop the hood like normal from inside. As you open the manual latch outside pull the hood up and towards you.and the hood will slide off the shouldered bolts

    2nd) with the hood prop in hand pull the rear of the hood upward. And position your prop to keep it open

    3rd) To close, set the rear of the hood down on the cowl and in one movement push the hood away from you, it will slide back onto the shouldered bolts and latch automatically

    And you've got an eye catcher at the cruise-ins to separate you from the next guy

    Cheers ~Mykk
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    Sorry guys, double post... mods you can remove if need be. I didn't realize I had a write up of the same thing in the appearance section

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    Can I make up for it with another write up? How about my cheesy engine displacement vinal on the hood

    After deciding where you want to put your "intimidation" sticker (lol) you will want to find a size/dimension & font that will work for you.

    I had mine made at my local mall by a booth that computer designs & cuts stickers usually found on the back of peoples windows.

    After cleaning the surface lay down a piece of masking tape to follow a body line. Mock up the sticerk and measure how far away from a lip or edge is sits and mark that distance. Than on the opposite side lay down tape on the same body line and measure that same distance from the edge.

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    Lay down your vinal and tape the upper edge down to the body panel to act as "hinge" to fold the graphic upward. And peel the wax paper away

    Lay down the graphic and apply pressure from top to bottom. using a credit card will help to work out any trapped air as your applying the graphic.

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    Peel away the protective paper from your vinal.

    and there it is.

    Cheers ~Mykk

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    The reverse hood isn't for me but I did like the decal write up. I am ordering some Z71 stickers to go on both sides of the bed. I never thought about using the tape to hold it in place so I can make sure it's level before I slap it on. Thanks.
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    that all looks real good how do you like that side exhaust port?

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