I just rolled 70K miles a few days ago. My first question, do I need to worry about changing plugs yet?

If it would be a good idea. What plugs do yall recommend? I've done some looking around, and these three have caught my eye:
1. AC Delco Iridium ($7 at O'Reillys)
2. E3 ($6 at Stylintrucks.com)
3. Bosch Iridium ($8 at AutoZone)
What do yall think about those?

Also, I would replace the wires when I changed the plugs. From what I have read around here, it sounds like Taylor wires are a good way to go. I found a set of red 8mm Taylor wires for $60 at Stylintrucks.com. Is that a good deal? Thanks in advance for the help!