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    Our '04 Suburban was peeling off the top coat (Summit White paint WA8624 code 50), on the roof, hood, and pretty much, the entire left side, exposing the primer.
    I cannot blame GM or the paint, as I'm located in SW Florida, and the truck has sat outside in the Florida sun for nearly 10 years.
    It's generally backed into the driveway, which places the left side at a western exposure of the sun....can You say intense?
    I was told by the selling dealer in Oct 2004, that GM Full Size trucks (back then) were top coated with Imron Polyurethane, which holds it's gloss forever.
    The Suburban was re-painted and prettied up during this past July, and along with all new exterior lighting fixtures/lenses, she's looking superb once again.
    I'd love a new Tahoe L/T 4X4, but I currently own 3 GM vehicles, and use only 2 of them, though not very much.
    Should I suddenly become engorged with lottery wealth, then I'd prolly go for a pair of new 2014 LTZ's, Suburban & Tahoe 4X4's.
    "I Hate When That Happens!"

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    My 96 Summit White Tahoe whas paint peeling off the hood, fenders and parts of the body. GM used a cheaper painting method on the white trucks which caused the paint to flake off over time. It is made worse by sunlight or having a bug guard.

    1996 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7L V8 4X4 205,000+ miles. Built proudly at Janesville Assembly in Janesville, Wisconsin
    Basic mods: Lights all over, bunch of electrical work, and a couple cooling mods.

    Check out my other mods in My Garage:

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    You will not find a single car manufacturer that will fully honor a paint recall. They will sand and paint over which does nothing to fix the real issue as both the primer and paint were the issues for many auto manufactures. To do the job properly the body would need to be fully refinished.

    On the first and second gen Burbs many have rust issues at the rear of the running board area on both sides, along with interior rusting at bottom of all doors. I just fixed and painted 2001 along with installing new running boards. Almost every Burb with a good 100k that hasn't been repainted will have rust in these areas but no more prematurely than other models. My 08 HHR SS has about 50% of the rust my 01 Burb has on the inside bottom of doors and the HHR only has 67k where as the burb has 140 now. I've also had an Eagle Talon and a Ford Escort that had the same premature rusting. Auto companies are trying to do everything cheaper, although that trend is changing for some Chevy being one of them.

    As for paint quality I do know GM has recently upped the quality of their paints being I worked for a manufacturer who manufactures and paints some of their body parts. One of their main requirements for them to get the GM contract was to have a specialized multi million dollar paint booth that allowed the use and application of better quality paints. This is recently, maybe 2011.

    Find yourself a small private body shop and get her fixed. Many of the smaller shops, I found my guy on craiglist, charge lower rates and do just as good of job. Same goes for mechanics although good mechanics tend to be harder to find than good body guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Conlan Rose View Post
    My 96 Summit White Tahoe whas paint peeling off the hood, fenders and parts of the body. GM used a cheaper painting method on the white trucks which caused the paint to flake off over time. It is made worse by sunlight or having a bug guard.
    Ugh, that's so crappy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01SilveradoBeast View Post
    Ugh, that's so crappy.
    What's crappier the repainting of my truck by a professional shop is estimated at 1,800 just for the front end. To be honest the shop did explain every thing they would have to do step by step and showed the cost of each. At a pro shop they like to remove each body part to paint so they can guarantee quality and coverage.

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    I just got my rust issues dealt with at running board area and inside bottom of all doors a few weeks ago. While I was getting help with my new billet grille install today from my body guy I got an estimate of 3k to paint my entire 2001 Burb including new bumper inserts to delete the chrome for black, minimum of 1k in materials alone. And this estimate does not include the price of the new hood I'm buying. And this is an estimate from a small private shop from a person I know which has lower than typical rates. I got an estimate from a large chain body shop this morning and the local chevy dealer about 45 minutes ago and they were both around 5-6k. Body itself is clean, just some hail dents and scratches, normal fade, wear and tear for a 100+ mile burb.

    For the price of a dealer paint job a person could get a new 400HP crate installed, a tranny rebuild and a lift kit and still have cash to play with, it ain't cheap. I imagine for us the size of the burbs and hoes we drive is obviously a big reason for the extra costs but for the most part it's the prep work that adds it up.

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