I just bought an 08 3500 silverado crew cab duramax and really need some tire advice.

I'm adding a 6" lift so I can put 35x12.5x20's on it. So far I've got the choices down to the following;

-Pro Comp Extreme ATs - research revealed a common problem of "out of round" tires which make them difficult to ballance.

-Next is the Toyo MTs. I have had these on my Suburbans for two sets in the AT version. I love them for wear and traction but they are much smaller than what I have planned for the new truck. Road noise is also a real concideration for me and don't know how the larger ones would perform.

-Nito makes a good AT tire called the Grappler but a weak point in this one seems to be a softer rubber tread causing a severly reduced lifespan on heavier trucks.

-Finally the BFG Mud Terrains have good feedback short of the softer sidewalls which makes it less than an ideal heavy hauling option.

If you have any of these tires or others that you have used, I would REALLY like your feedback!