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    Default Broadband cable in the street???

    This is one for Cableguy!

    I think Time Warner down here has been installing some type of high speed cable, but their contractor came out and ran it through the existing conduit, but it looks like they forgot to hook it all up. There is a 300' long piece of cable that is running from one box, across a busy two-lane street, across MY LAWN, through a hole in my neigbor's fence, under another neighbor's fence and into an open junction box in their backyard.

    It's been like this over 2 weeks. I think the contractors forgot to finish the project. There aren't any cones up anywhere, the boxes are all open and exposed to the rain and elements, it's really quite weird actuall.

    I tried calling the "Call before you dig" people, but they didn't have a clue. The fire department stopped by to see if it was a live wire (electrical), but it wasn't so they moved on. And I'm not sure who to call or what to do about this.

    Any suggestions?

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    Call the City Electrical inspector. I believe any new pole wiring needs to be ok through them first so they should have a record of who performed the job. If they have no clue try the phone company. In the end if it's on your property and you don't want it there you have the right to remove it (snip snip if you know what i mean) that will cause some one to come out to fix it.


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    Hey, a crew just came out from Time Warner, they're digging on land that is owned by the city, not me! They have an easement there and are going to dig and burrow under that part of the land. Technically I have a sprinkler there, but I still don't own it ... wierd texas property laws, I know.

    Ok, I'm going to let them work and will watch them, they said they have everything, even if they break my sprinkler they'll fix it, that's good. I still think they just forgot to finish the project though. I snapped some photos and will post them later.

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    Easements are the worst idea thought of in the world. I have two on my property. One is 800 feet long and the other is a little over 100 feet. The company that put the first one in is no longer existant so i don't even know the status of it. It was for a sewer pipe. the second one is from my lawyers property so he can do whatever he wants and I don't say squat. I like to have him as a friend and neighbor.

    Well I'm glad you got it all worked out and make sure they get your yard back in good shape when they leave. You may not tecnichally own the land but it is still your yard.

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    From the way I understand it, when someone orders new service, the cable company gets it hooked up as quickly as possible. Then, at a later date send a differnt crew to come out and bury the cable. Gotta keep the customer hooked up and happy. This happens in my neighborhood a lot.

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    That's possible, but the box was wide open in my neighbor's backyard, and there was a huge presense like a month ago where six or eight trucks buried cable all over the place, but this one cable was left out. With that and the open box, it looks like they just forgot it. It was just laying in the street.

    I actually don't own the land where they put the cable down, it's common area for the development type of thing. It's really weird, I don't own it, but I get royalties for it for oil/gas underneath, go figure.

    I'll get some pictures up to give you an idea of what was going on.

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    A temporary cable is not unusual for cable or the telco's. We just run them to hook up customer then a contractor returns to bury it kinda like Gary mentioned.

    When I was in repairs I used to do it but tried to put it up in the air like eaves trough to eaves trough that kinda thing.

    Its all good, they'll fix it

    If not I guess I'll have another road trip booked for Texas


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    My main concern is for kids and people walking on the sidewalk and crossing the street, with an open cable there. It actually got moved into the street about 15 or 20 feet and the boxes are wide open on both ends of the cable.

    Here are some photos:

    My Neighbors backyard box was open just like this for nearly three week.

    It pokes out of the fence and goes down to the street thusly:

    At that point, it turns left, is lying in the street and goes down something like 200 feet, across an intersection and into an open box.

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    I parked the Trailblazer in the street today and I guess I parked on top of it. There is a junction there that looks like it was disconnected as well.

    Then they sent out the crew to bury it. They started to burrow under the street ...

    ... and in front of my house, they finished this and replaced everything so it looks great.

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    I am an inspector in California. Although low voltage and telecom are not my speciality, I can say that if this were done on my projet with junction boxes open to people and the elements, wires running through a wood fence and across walkways I would have had MAJOR problems with the contractor doing the work. Having said that, Time Warner gets enough money from me every month I know they could have bought some shovels and done this properly from the start.
    Trevor - Huntington Beach, CA
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