WOW, Farmers just said the are only considering giving me 60% because they still claim that I am 40% at fault.

This guy is named Steve Krusemark and he just told me on the phone that Farmers elects not to agree with the findings of the Police Report or the arbitration statement. WHAT? YOU ALREADY LOST ARBITRATION AND PAID 100% ON THE VEHICLE!

"We choose to disagree with the Police Offier's report" was his statement to me. They said that the police office wasn't there to see the accident and just intereviewed everyone and they did a better investigation on this that the officer did. My thought it ... they didn't see the accident occur either, and they are biased against finding for me. (Plus, the original adjuster made some outrageous claims - like 10 hours later she found someone in the parking lot who saw the accident."

Wow, this is outrageous, I'm just shocked.

I think I am going to have to sue the scum-of-the-earth Farmers Insurance.