Just wanted to make certain that everyone knew that! Today is exactly ONE YEAR to the day that I was in the accident. I was notified in the mail that my insurance won the arbitration battle with Farmers Insurance. I was declared ZERO percent at fault and the other driver was ONE HUNDRED percent at fault.

They sent me back my $500 deductible and opened the door for me to collect on all sorts of damages like out-of-pocket stuff, extra paid for rental car that was over my allotted amount, and dimished value to boot!

Now, I'm not taking joy in the accident. The poor other woman pulled in front of me, got her car hit and suffered a broken breastbone. I hope she's ok and wish her all the best.

Farmers from the start tried trapping me in arguments, trying to get me to agree with things that I never said, tried twisting facts, claimed that they found "secret witnesses" at the scene of the accident 12 hours later, and did a whole bunch of underhanded tricks to try to keep from paying. They said I was 40% responsible for the accident, even though all the witnesses at the scene and even the other driver admitted guilt to the police. The police gave her a ticket for pulling out in front of me.

So, you can read the whole saga here. http://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8911

I hope this is a lesson to you. Why do business with companies that are that unethical? Why? Why? Why? I'm normally very PC on this board, but not on this topic.