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    Default idiot lights pop on and off please help

    While I am driving the odemeter goes on and off and indicates unknown drive, driver 1, the ABS light comes on and off, the air bag light goes on and off, the service 4 wheel drive light comes on and off, the battery light comes on and off, the needle gages go flat and then come back and it beeps at me on and off. Any ideas?

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    Wiring behind cluster has rubbed through somewhere or come unplugged? Not sure if it's a common issue. Does it happen over bumps?

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    No this happens off and on the entire time I am driving.

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    Hmm..I would almost think it has to be a wiring issue, I guess it could be a programming problem, and needs to be reflashed. Had any work done lately? You could prob. try and take out the i/p and check wiring back there. Check for B+ and -

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    Do you think it could be a battery going bad?

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    I think you would see it in more than just the Cluster. if it was the battery like the radio display lights would flicker too. And while your driving your car the battery doesn't do much other than absorb voltage spikes and recharge..the alternator would prob be more of a possibility, but personally I still think would be unlikely.
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    could even be a bad cluster. what year? under warranty?

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    2004 and think it is still under warranty.

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    If it is that would probably be your best bet. There isn't much to test without taking out the cluster, and if its under warranty let the dealer do it.

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