Well my first impression of my 09 Colorado, it's a hell of a lot better than the 07 Nitro I traded in. The truck handles well, suspension is nice and tight, performance is relatively good for a 3.7 I5. Now for the down side, Radio does not sound that good but it will due for now. Looking out the rear view window is less than desirable with the rear seat head rest in the way. So I've had this truck for about 2 weeks and put 300 miles on it so it's time to start seeing what makes this thing tick. I opened the hood to see what I can modify and and where GM cheeped out building these trucks. Didn't look to bad, but I did find that the clamps that hold the air intake tube on were loose. No big deal just tighten them up. I think the truck will defiantly benefit from a cold air intake system. Then I moved onto the under carriage. I figured while I'm under here I'd might as well give the torsion bars a crank up and to my surprise I was only able to make one full turn on the bolt WTF. I'm gonna have to investigate why there is only one turn left on those bolts. Under carriage all in all looks pretty good could use a couple of skip plates. But I am veryy happy with it.