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    Default Rear Door / Liftgate Rattle

    The new Uplander I purchased recently had a rattle in the back cargo door. I took it in for service and it was supposedly fixed but is now even worse than original. I have an appointment to take it back in a couple days. I know of one other person locally with the same problem and his is not fixed either .
    Is this an ongoing thing with this model ? Does anyone here have some experience they can share about it ?

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    Never heard of this.

    Ill bump it maybe someone else has.

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    Hmm... I wish I knew what the latch looked like. Can you take a picture of the latch and catch please?
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    It is not the latch or catch that is causing the problem.
    The rattling noise is from the door liner on the inside of the door or something inside the door. . My friend that has the same problem and got his from a dealer in another city had his back three times and was finally told it is the rear windshiled wiper motor on the inside making the noise and that he would have to put up with it in the cold weather because it gets better in warmer weather. DUH ! !
    That seems totally unsatisfactory to me coming from a GM dealership and I am hoping that I can get some help here from ones that have experienced the same thing so I can pass it on to my local dealership when I take the van in on Wednesday.
    My friends is a 07 and mine is a brand new 08 .


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    can you just by some rubber sheets and make little gaskets for the screws to absorb vibration, i know the dealer SHOULD fix the problem but.......
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    can you just by some rubber sheets and make little gaskets for the screws to absorb vibration, i know the dealer SHOULD fix the problem but.......
    I understand what you are saying about the dealer SHOULD fix it . I have an appointment at the dealership for them to have a second go at it tomorrow (wed morning ) but if they don't fix it right I will get to the bottom of it myself.
    Even when closing the tailgate/door there is a tripple bump . . bump . .bump.. sound like something is either loose inside or the plastic liner is too close to something (like maybe the wiper motor) .
    If they don't fix it this time I will pull the panel off myself and find the problem and pad it with some upholstery type foam. I had an old Volvo station wagon at one time (used with no warranty) with the same problem and that was how I fixed it.
    Where there's a will , there's a way .

    Other than that , I am real pleased with the van. One of the nicest vehicles I have owned.

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    Is it the small rods that run from the handle to the latch? They are in a small retainer clip to keep them
    align and in place and from rattling. Also, is there a gasket in the thread rod/screws/nuts & Bolts that holds the wiper motor in place that mounts against the metal on both sides of the door? Need to take off the panel and have it opened/closed with someone inside and outside, this will get to the noise of the problem.....


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    Thanks for the responses.
    They finally found it after the third try and billing GM three different times . I signed three ckaim forms each time they worked on it and I noticed that one was over two hours labor.
    I wonder if they charge GM the same $100.00 an hour labour rate as they charge out of warranty customers. .

    All that was causing the rattle was the cable inside the door that controls the latch. It had not been fastened to where it should have been and every time I closed the lift gate it would bang . . bang . . bang . . between the inside of the plastic door liner and the inside of the metal outer door. It also banged going over every bump .
    It was a no brainer to fix and if they had not done it right the third time I was prepared to fix it myself and contact GM and tell them the dealer couldn't fix it so they could put out a service bulletin for dealers to watch for that particular problem.

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    I'de like to be able to make 4 or 5 hundred dollars to fix a rattle. At that rate what is it for them to do an oil change 200.00?
    New Brunswick, Canada

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    Good news W.Y., I hate rattles, easy fix if they get off the laziness and want to work.


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