What factory wire goes to what aftermarket cd player wire when installing a (I don't know the exact model) Sony Xplod cd player into a 96 Silverado Z71 extended cab 5.7L vortec?

I have the cd player working, but everytime I turn off the truck, turn it back on, it resets and its like it's not retaining any memory and settings. Also, the front speakers/tweeters don't work but the rear ones do. I have a "factory wiring diagram" from some pdf file website I had to pay $6 for to download. I also have the cd player wiring booklet. I don't have any of that in front of me at the moment, but was hoping somebody would know from doing it themselves with the same type of cd player I have.

I know I don't have the green/white wire hooked up from the factory wiring. I couldn't figure out where it would go. Does it tie in to the constant 12V wire? If anyone needs any more information, I can have it later on when I go home. Thanks for any and all responses.