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Thread: help please

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    Default help please

    im new to this forum and i was wondering... i gotta 2001 suburban. its a great vehicle but recently the starter went out. i replaced it and put all the wires back together and when i tried to turn it on it blew teh 40 fuse... i bought another fuse and it did the same thing. i dont know whats the matter. if someone could give me some tips i'd appreciate it

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    did you put the same kind of starter back on?

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    Check to make sure there aren't any exposed wires grounding out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ct9a View Post
    Check to make sure there aren't any exposed wires grounding out.
    Pinch something between the top and sides of the starter and block. Clip pull out from being to short and
    ct9a mentions grounding.... This is what happended, something is touching something.....

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    sounds like a short to me. look close at the area where you worked. use a flash light and go slow you might see some burns that might point it out or not...mike
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    yeah I would double check to make sure all your wires are hooked up where they should be on the replacement starter too. if you still have your old one it's best to look at that one to see where everything was connected and double check the one you put in. if that's not the case make sure you don't have any of the metal heat shields in touching range of any of the wires. if that's not the case you might also check to make sure none of the terminals on the starter are touching make sure none of the ends have freyed wire ends poking out that might arch across also.
    if all that checks out start tracing back the wires to make sure there are no bare or burned spots on the wire that might be shorting out across the motor or frame also. this will also ensure that none of the wires are mis routed going to the starter and make sure that the main power wire isn't looped through or run near any of your spark plug wires.
    if all that is straight and not the issue I would start looking at it possibly being a bad starter unfortunately that does happen and you want to make sure too you don't leave out any of the shims that were used on the previous starter either if you do get it going and it sounds like it's working a lot harder or grinding and whining when you try to start it that may be an alignment issue as well though that will have nothing at all to do with your electrical issue.

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    thanks everyone very much... i got the starter from napa and they had one of the wires twisted... to make a long story short, i took it back to napa and they fixed it now it works. that starter is the biggest pain to take out though

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    well aside from having to take it out again, sounds like it was easy enough to fix. good Job and thanks for posting your solution on here for everyone to benefit from.

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