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Thread: Missing 5.3

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    Default Missing 5.3

    Hey guys i'm new here.... I have a 99 Z-71 that is running rough. First of all it is really hard starting. Second it will suddenly start skipping, sputtering, and cutting out. For some odd reason if I put it in neutral and shut it down and restart it, it will straighten out for a moment. It is not throwing any diag codes. I have tuned it up, cleaned my K&N, changed the fuel filter and removed the cats....nothing! Any ideas?:na:

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    Welcome to the site. I "assume" you have checked out the fuel filter, since you said you tuned it up. The other thing I might look at is the mass air sensor, since you said you had cleaned the K & N. Did the problem just start suddenly or did it just deteriorate?

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    YeahI changed the fuel filter also. It started happening suddenly. It worked itself out for about a month and is doing it again it' really weird. Are these computers prone to going bad? How can I check the MAF? Thanks

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    On the MAF sensor, the problem I heard of comes from getting oil on the "wires" from cleaning the K & N. You have to be very careful as the wires are delicate. It seems that when "re-oiling" the clean filter a little too much oil goes a long way. Might be worth a try.

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    Yes MAF sensors are VERY sensitive since they work on frequency. Also, you may want to check/replace cap, rotor, wires and plugs if you didn't do so already.


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    Well I don't have a cap or rotor but plugs are new and wires are fine.... the truck doesn't do this all of the time.... just when it wants to so I don't think its anything like that. I'll definately check the maf though. Thanks guys!

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