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    Default Help with plug in ...... block heater

    So, it just got really cold here & I took my plug out for the first time to plug it in & it's tripping the breaker. I tried in multiple outlets & it trips every time. It has never been used so I don't know what's going on.

    Is it a short? Any advice would greatly be appreciated!

    I love my new 2005 Silverado 2500HD LT and...............

    My next vehicle will be a 2006 Duramax Hummer H1 wagon :love:

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    FYI for our southern friends... I believe Erica is talking about the block heater's wall outlet plug.

    Erica- All I can suggest if that you have a good look at the wiring you can see and make sure there are no frays, missing or cracked insulation. It sounds as though you've got a short and the easiest thing I can suggest is that you check to make sure you don't have bare wire touching bare metal, two bare wires rubbing each other, etc etc.

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    Yeah, I didn't know what to call it.

    Hmmm, ok.....tomorrow I will check & maybe take it to the GM dealership. Do you know if something like this would be covered on a bumper to bumper warranty?


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    Good question and I have no idea! I can't imagine why it wouldn't be. If it's not covered, then you are looking at a very minimal expense, really. I guess it all depends on whether the problem is with the heater itself or the wires leading to it. It's conceivable that you've been having a wire rubbing on a metal edge or sharp edge somewhere. Or.... mouse attack!

    I'd say it's more than likely that whatever the problem is it will be covered on a bumper to bumper.

    Remember I'm no expert.. and there could be someone to come on that might offer a lot more help then I.

    Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!

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    I assume ur using an extension cord so first make sure it isn't the problem(freys, cracks,barewires etc.) Then trace the block heater cable to the motor looking for the same things including cleaning the actual plug so the prongs are shiny. as for your warranty it should be covered
    New Brunswick, Canada

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    ^Oh! I didn't think to check the extension cord. Willl do in the morning! Thanks guys!

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    If all else fails, make sure that everything else on the circuit you're using is turned off or unplugged. The circuits could be overloaded.


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    Hopefully it's something simple. I plug mine in every night. Something else that helps in cold weather is turning on your high idle. I see yours is an LT so I'm hoping you have the redundant radio controls on your steering wheel and can access your DIC (Driver's Information Center) as well. When I push the button "i" it says "VEHICLE SETTINGS" and you can keep hitting the button to scroll through options until it says "ENGINE HIGH IDLE-OFF" and then hit the <- return button below to change it to "ON" . What that does is increases the idle to around 1000rpm's when it's cold at start-up.
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    I already use the high idle & it does work great but the other morning when I started it, it whined so bad & didn't sound right. It's really cold here.

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    I'm confused. I tried this morning again with that extension cord & it tripped. Then, I tried a different cord & it didn't trip. THEN, I tried plugging something else in with the original cord & it worked fine.

    So, that cord doesn't like my truck or something but I'm just happy my truck is good to go!

    Thanks for everyone's help!

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