i was wanting to install fog lights on my truck after 4 years.i have a 2004 lt 4x4.i bought the truck used with about 8000 miles on it.i just relized i have a fog light button on the dash.i installed a relay under the hood and low and behold the fogs light up on the dash,but i do not have fog lights on the truck.now i relize alot of trucks are prewired for alot of the bells and whistles,but i dont belive it would already have a fog light button or it being wired to the relay box.what im thinking is the truck came with fog lights and the previous owner removed them and installed tow hooks instead.im am wanting to know where my wiring to the fogs would be.what is the facory routing for the the wiring from the fogs to the relay panel.hope all this makes since,thanks db