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    Default Anybody run Goodyear Wrangler TD tires?

    I've been considering a set of Wrangler TD's for my '03 2500. I can't find many reviews on them, probably because they only come in one size. I'd love to get some feedback about snow and ice traction and highway noise. I've run nothing but BFG MTs on my trucks for the past 10 years or so and I'm ready to go to something that's a little more street friendly.


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    never heard much about them either. I had the wrangler MTR on my truck and were awesome in the snow. however, since your looking for something a little more street friendly, I would recommend the BFG All terrain. I had them on my truck before the Goodyears and were great. I now have them on my wrangler and they are amazing. I also have friends who have them on there trucks and love them as well
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    The TDs caught my eye because I can get them for under $115 each and they look like a good mix between MT and AT. The few reveiws and tests that I've seen are favorable. Price is strongly driving my decision, and that puts a lot of other top rated tires in front of the BFGs. I've had BFG ATs (over 10 years ago) and two of my brothers currently have them on their trucks. A great tire for sure, but I think they are over-priced and over-rated. I won't say more for fear of getting bashed by thousands of die-hard BFG fans, but I have ruled them out due to price.

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    Not sure what the "TD" is but I have ran the Wranglers before. Some of the best tires around.
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    Goodyear makes at least a dozen tires with the Wrangler name on the side, some of them are near the worst tires ever made and some the best. The TD was an OEM tire on some full size GM trucks.

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    yea i agree some of the wranglers are awful but some are great. I agree that the BFG are expensive and I can see why you like the other ones price wise. They look like a decent tire and I was actually looking at them the other day cuz they had them under the Off Road/Max Traction section on tire rack. here are the ratings for them on tire rack. They arent rated so good tho

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    I've seen those Tire Rack ratings. The deep snow and ice ratings are actually not too bad. I'm not sure those consumer ratings are all that valuable, for example the cheap Kumhos beat out the BFGs in both AT and MT versions, and I'm pretty sure anyone who's actually had both would say the BFGs are better.

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    yea i was just posting as a reference just in case you hadnt seen them. they can be flawed because there are some tires 1/10th the reviews of others

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