This is my first post on here so I figured I would make it useful. I used this site to try and figure out an issue with my truck and this was one thing I thought to try.

This was on a 2002 Sierra 2WD Ext. Cab. Overall difficulty was maybe a 5 out of 10. Not too tough just had to deal with getting the bolts to loosen up. A little WD-40 helped that after it soaked for a while.

First thing was to loosen the lugnuts then jack up the side that you are wanting to replace. and place a jack stand under it then remove the tire.

Next thing to remove is the brake caliper. There are two bolts on the back side of the caliper. Once you have removed the bolts move it up out of the way. You can use wire to keep it from falling as I did.

Once the caliper is up out of the way you can slide off the rotor. Mine had two thin retainer clips on the wheel studs that held the rotor in place. Once you get those off the rotor should slide right off.

I turned my wheel all the way to the right to allow easier access to the 3 bolts that hold the hub assembly in. Shown below.

These bolts may be tough to get out. One broke loose fairly easily, the other teo however wanted to be difficult. I sprayed them with WD-40 and let them sit for a couple beers then they came out.
When I attempted to pull the top bolt out it was stuck on another bolt that hung in the way. You can see it in the picture above. I used a dremel to take a little off the end of the bolt in the way and it slid right out.

Once these bolts are all loose ensure that you loosen the ABS cable with an allen key while the hub is in place to help break it free. Now you can use a rubber mallet to strike the back side of the piece the studs are mounted to to work the assembly loose. Once it is free make sure you remove the ABS cable before it falls.

Once the assembly is out it should look like this.

You can use some steel wool to clean any debris out of the opening.

You can now begin to reassemble. Make sure you put the guard back on correctly or the rotor will rub on it and youll have to disasemble and reassemble again. (I did it) You may need to use a C-clamp to compress the brake caliper to get it back over the rotor. ensure you pump your brakes AFTER it is all together prior to driving anywhere.

Overall it wasn't too bad. It took me about an hour and a half taking my time and enjoying a couple Bud Lights.

Anyone with any input or suggestions please let me know so I can add it to this post.