First, let's pretend this is on a GM. It's not, but let's pretend anyway..

I got into a minor accident a few weeks back and - got hit on the side - and since then the Musta-..I mean the GM vehicle started to have the turn signals not working properly. When the vehicle is cold (just starting out for the day) the t.s. work fine but after a few miles the lights 'stick'. The t.s. goes on and stays lit instead of clicking on and off.

I had a little time to mess around tonight so I went out and played around for a bit. Drove down the road and then the t.s. started to act up so I came back home and fooled around in the driveway.

I found that if the t.s. stuck, I could put the hazard lights on and the relay would click back off and on again. The hazard lights worked fine. When I went back to strictly the t.s. the relay would stick again. I got lucky twice by getting the relay to click off and then back on by tapping on the relay under the dash a few times.

Does this sound like maybe I need a new relay? Perhaps the one there got jostled somehow and isn't working properly now?

I'll most likely end up getting a new one to put on anyhow, but wanted to run that by everyone to see what they had to say.