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    Default How to: De-Badge and De-Mold your vehicle

    Not sure if this was previously done but thought i might throw some knowledge at you guys

    This is a 2002 Silverado so the adhesives have had a good amount of time to set

    Supplies Used
    1. Astro 400E Smart Eraser Pad-10.00 (BOUGHT FROM NAPA)
    2. Strong Fishing Line
    3. Abrasive Compound I chose Turtle Wax Polishing Compound-3.00
    4. Old Drill
    5. Gloves

    Sorry I had already removed the badges before I decided to do this How To Tutorial so I will start with the molding which is the same removal just a bigger task

    I began by using fishing line to "saw" away at the adhesive tape on the molding *Tip* make sure you use a strong line mine was very brittle and became so what *Tip* Unlike the badges the molding is stronger so once I had it removed about 6 inches with fishing line I could grab the molding and pull it the rest of the way off.

    Once the molding was removed I used the Eraser Wheel to remove the tape left behind *Tip* I bought two wheels but was able to remove badges and molding with one they last awhile *Tip* The Eraser Wheel is actually made to fit on another tool but the stud is long enough on the back to fit in a drill

    As you can see the Eraser Wheel removes the adhesive very well and fairly quickly I can imagine how long this would take using Goo The Eraser Wheel leaves a residue behind that is majorly cleaned off by soap and water.

    After "erasing" the adhesive I washed the area with soap and water very good then I used the turtle wax compound to remove the excess smudges and wax the area

    As you can see the 1500 emblem and molding is removed. This complete job took a better half of my day to do but I like it and think it was worth it. HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU GUYS

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