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Thread: gm news

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    Default gm news

    good morning everyone, I see on the news this morning (well its not actually news but an infomercial stuck in disguised as news) that GM is planning to introduce and auto parking assistant to its new models. Sorry but I just have to rant here. Parking is about THE most basic of drivinjg abilities if you are unable to park it on your own at say 1/4 mph what are you like at 65mph? It numbs the mind just to think of it. Why don't they come up with something useful like variable speed wipers instead of itermittent, real steel fittings for the heater hose instead of pot metal, distributor housings that aren't designed to crack at the screweyes with mere inch pounds of torque, anti lock brakes that don't cause heart failure when two wheels are on snow and two wheels on dry pavement? No wonder they are headed for bankruptcy, they are too busy masterbating over new technology and don't notice the issues of quality and basics peeking in the window at them. I think the quality is there in the workmanship but sorely lacking in materials.
    I feel better now, gonna get another cup of coffee. ( maybe I had too many already lol)

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    I agree Smedly
    New Brunswick, Canada

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    I agree! and why the hell are all of the replacement parts made in china!!! they're just gonna wear out faster due to impurities in the metal that they're made of!!! And they're expensive as hell too! So I'm really just wasting money by fixing my beat up old truck in the first place!!! I should've bought a Toyota!!!

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