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    Default help with 91 gmc suburban

    hey guys i need help. i just got my first suburban with a 5.7liter fuel injected v8 and i am having a problem. it idles and floors good, but when i give it just a little gas, it sputters out then dies.
    any help would be apreciated.

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    Default moter

    check the egr valve and you might want to get some seafoam you came get that at any parts store i get mine at partsplus store take the hose from the brake booster and pour it in wile the truck is runninhg at least half of it and pour the rest in the fuel tANK BUT MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A HALF A TANK IN IT when you get half the can in it shut the truck of and let it set for a few min then go out in drive the sh-- out of it . it will smoke whiet out of the exhaust but i will tell you it will clean out the throttle
    body if you have enet feel free to get a holed of me on here thanks mike

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    Just a quick question on the seafoam? Can it make a motor run worse, particularly high milage ones, that are used to all the gunk they've built up?
    I've heard pros and cons of using it, but never actually did.
    burbn' in NC

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    I've never had any problems with Seafoam and I've used it on my motors that are pushing well over 200K.


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    Ditto, it never hurts to try Seafoam. I use it every tune up.
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    I never used it until I joined this site, tried it on the Jimmy since it was two years and needed a tuneup caused it was driven short miles, new motor and wanted to test it, it actually works. Will use it on the Burban/Titan when its time...


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    ok, i think i fixed it. i took a look at the throtle body and it was dirty as heck and there was a very worn out gasket that i think was letting to much air in, so i got a bottle of tb cleaner and a rebuild kit. since i didnt have a repair manual i just replaced the bad gasket and cleaned the tb. now i cant get the thing to sputter out and die so i think i got it.

    i also got some sea foam but havent put it in yet cause its too dark and too cold!

    thanks for the advice fellas

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    ok, it wasnt the gasket for the throttle body and the seafoam didnt help.
    while checking the plugs today i noticed that the hose that connects to the pcv valve is cracked and crappy, could the bad hose have anything to do with my problem?

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