Hey everyone, happy new year, hope all is well.

Well i have had a great run for 3 years with my ride (the above mentioned) 2 weeks ago something happened in the engine though.

It started as a mild knocking noise the one morning, when i started it. Wasnt extremely cold, but anyways, i did hear that something wasnt right. The knocking throuhout the day got louder and louder and performance became more and more sluggish. the knocking could only be heard at certain rpms; at idle, at mid rev, and the oudest at full rev, when excelerating. At certain in-between rpms, it wasnt as audiable. It still ran fine, and whenever it snowed, i would move it out of the driveway, so that i could plow my driveway, and then proceed to take it around the block; being that i also have a company truck for snow days. On tuesday jan 13th, when i did this, i barely was able to get it home, from only 100 yds away; this was after i started it about 15 mins prior to pulling it out of the driveway. Exceleration bacame next to nothing, very hard sputtering occured, and in neutral, it would hardly rev up past half. after much playing with neutral and drive, and feathering the gas pedal, i was able to just back into my driveway to park it, where it also stalled out aswell. when i tried to statrt it again, it was like the starter was under a very heavy load to crank it over, which is very abnormal, being that i have 2 big batteries in it, for large stereo purposes. And no matter how cold it gets, it always starts. So with all these symptoms mentioned, im hoping someone can tell me what could be the problem(s). I've got a good idea that its major, im just wondering, for what it could be, whether there is a repair kit for the affected parts, or whether a new engine is better off. I dont mind that, it will give me a chance to put the big dirty in it.... a 350 lol. It has a 3.8 v6, 2 barrel in it right now.

It would be great to get some input from someone....Thank you