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    Default Chiping noise from rear when taking off from stop

    Hey Guys, Had this chirping noise from the rear somewhere when taking off from a stop. Mine stopped doing it when I changed the carrier in the rearend this week, but not sure its not a caliper issue as both were hung outa the way while I fixed the rearend and the bolted back in place. Friend has a 99 gmc 4x4 that does the same thing and has for years. He hasn't had to change the brakes since he bought it new, but is easier on stuff than me. Anybody had this before?
    Tanks, Jamie

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    Sounds like you found your noise. However when you take the caliper off wire brush the slides where the caliper slides back and forth and put a little grease on them. This allows the caliper to move freely to adjust to brake pad wear. If the chirping was happening when you apply the brakes change the pads and maybe the rotors

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    Pads were changed not long ago and the rotors are good. Not sure if repositioning the calipers and driveshaft if one of those is the culprit, not the rearend. Thanks for the reply.

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    The two most common causes for a chirp at the rear of the truck are the carrier bearing and U-joints needing lube or replacement.

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    Mine started making the noise again this week but I'm hoping its the ujoints needing lube. Too bad GM stopped putting grease fittings on them. The preload on my carrier bearings was pretty tight...didn't roll very well, but has not got hot at all running it various distances and I've read places that there is no such thing as too much preload. Both mine and my buddy's truck have been squaking for years...I can't imagine a serious carrier bearing issue causing this would last that long without failing. Also, on the carier I took out, the bearings looked fine.

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    I bought my 99 Tacoma new and since day 1 my carrier bearing's chirped whenever it gets below 37deg outside. I had the dealer replace it twice when I lived in VA. Since I live in Texas now it doesnt get as cold so I just live with the chirp, besides the trucks now 10 years old and I doubt the dealer would replace it for anything less than $200 since the warranty has expired.

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    I've been living in FL for 12 years, truck is 8 years old and temp doesn't seem to matter. Thanks for the info. Strange Toyotas do it too?

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    Mainiac - any luck figuring out what the cause of this was? I am getting a chirping noise from my front passenger side. A chirp occurs at a certain point in every revolution of the wheel and goes away when braking but speeds up when accelerating. Also, it's usually worse after a few minutes of stop and go driving.

    Any ideas?

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    I just live with the noise. Seems less noticeable if I'm easy on the brakes and easy taking off. I suspect its the carrier bearings being a touch too tight cause the carrier was a B**** to get in do to tight side clearence. So far so good though as I've made a run to Maine this summer and to Texas this fall running 80 mph most of the way and no issues (excep the chirp when taking off). I never totally rulled out a caliper or driveshaft yoke/universalsquaking. Yours being the frontend could be a caliper sticking or front cv. The chirp I get sounds like its originating from the rearend or driveshaft though. I was gonna try a few things to eliminate other causes, but haven't had the time. Was gonna unbolt one caliper at a time and secure it up outa the way of the tire and see if the noise goes away (low speed deadend street test away from traffic). Also was gonna try disconnecting the driveshaft and putting a little grease on the end of the shaft that goues back into the tranny and moving the yoke all around to force grease into the spots where maybe it hasn't been for a while. Good luck.

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    Check your brake wear indicator.
    Any pulsing or pulling when using the brakes?
    Might be a slightly warped rotor.
    Or a wheel bearing going dry.

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