I have a 2005 4x4 Silverado - coming back from the farm to the city (Edmonton) noticed a grinding sound when I turned into service station to get gas. Crawled underneath and could not see anything. Had new front brake pads installed at dealer back in October 07. Went to proceed and grinding sound started again. Had the hook come and tow it to my new service garage of choice. Put on hoist and pulled front wheel - found right fron bearing hub (ie: the bearings had cratered).
The Generous Motors engineers had designed this hub part to "NOT" be greased or repacked - and after looking at the bearings, one could surmise that they had put as little grease as possible into this bearing hub. The hub with bearings, ABS sensor,wheel studs etc. was a $400.00 touch, new calipers required both sides of course, new rotors required,both sides, new pads required, The truck has 145,000 km and I will no doubt replace the left front Wheel bearing hub before it fails.
I phoned the dealer in Stony Plain about what had evolved and it was the typical "who cares, don't bore me with your sad story."
Bottom line is that I have always driven Chev trucks/cars and I observe more and more of the dumpster parts. You can't grease the U-Joints (no nipples) or repack wheel bearings - you just wait for the driveline to fall off or the hubs to fall off.
I would have driven into the Chev dealer this August and traded for another Chev truck, no questions asked. However, I will now look around at the Nissan,Dodge,Ford - perhaps they have something better to offer this customer , at least it cannot be any worse than the Chev truck experience that I had this past week and decided to share with this forum.