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    ok. i'll try it and i'll let you know how it goes!

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    Is this good for my year Hoe??
    Quote Originally Posted by dwill3015 View Post
    Intermediate Steering Shaft Lube Procedure

    cures knocking felt through steering wheel

    reference GM bulletin #00-02-30-003C

    Tools Needed:
    needle nose pliers
    15 mm wrench

    GM kit #26098419
    You can find it here

    Step 1: Start with the front wheels straight ahead and the column locked, if equipped. Remove nut with 15 mm wrench at steering shaft under dash.

    Step 2: Disconnect shaft by pushing towards firewall.

    Step 3: Remove bolt on steering shaft under the hood.

    To be continued...
    95 tahoe 2dr 4x4 200,000+ miles

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    I dont think so...


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    Ya me either, i think the issue starts around 2000 in some models and bu 03 almost every model lol
    Besides, my last truck was a 93 2500extcab 4x4, 380,000 on it when i retired it and no steering shaft noises.
    Your truck does not have the intermediate shaft. if it did, i would do the grease fitting fix. Read up here a bit.
    2004 Chevy Silverado Z71, 5.3L auto
    Beginning work in progress

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    Default 2007 Yukon

    Quote Originally Posted by skinner View Post
    And the updated design is a piece of s**t as well, a few of our members have found out very quickly.
    There is no known replacement component to repair this issue to the best of anyones knowledge as far as i can tell.
    Try the mod that i posted earlier in this thread, everyone who tried it so far is happy, and thats almost everyone here i think.

    There are 2 repair options in this thread, post# 1 shows disassembly and regrease, and my post shows a mod to grease it externally, use which ever one yoou wish, both will work, it seems mne works more permanently.
    Hi I was just wondering where i could find the pics of your fix externally.
    I have a 2007 Yukon and its very hard to steer when going slow or backing up.

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    Very good write up. I have a 2004 Silvarado crewcab Z71 at 60,000 miles the steering wheel started clunking during slow speed turns. I pulled the intermediate steering shaft out and installed a grease zerk and plugged the bottom of the shaft. Video of the procedure is on Youtube. I installed a rubber stopper between the zerk and bolt to hold the grease in the steering shaft. Once it was put back on the truck and pumped full of grease the steering is like new again and now I have access to pump more grease in as needed. The repair cost me about $35 including the 15mm wrenches to take the truck apart. I have some mechanical background but anyone can do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mowrfixit View Post
    Hi I was just wondering where i could find the pics of your fix externally.
    I have a 2007 Yukon and its very hard to steer when going slow or backing up.
    It is post #20 in this read, second page i think, skinner

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    Just wanted to give a little update... I replaced my intermediate shaft with gm's updated part a year ago. So far it is still working like new 15k mi later!
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    Thanks for the info. I replaced my intermediate shaft but was reluctant at first until this thread showed how easy it was to remove and replace it. done in 20 minutes. thanks again

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    Default Steering Shaft Quick Repair

    Nice write up, a quick fix for the knock is to just take that 15mm nut and bolt loose under the hood and disconnect the shaft from under the hood only. Next pump the shaft up and down about 15 times to redistribute the grease that is already in the shaft, then reconnect the shaft and install the nut and bolt. This is a temporary but quick repair. Rock on!!

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