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Thread: RPM Tick

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    Hi, I owned a 01 chevy with a Chevy tick(5.3). When they finally found the problem it was a piston slap. I was advised by my brother-in-law who is JM for 30 years skirts to short. I had warranty coveage they replaced the pisons, rings and bearings.
    My best friend bought the truck from me 5 years ago and it now has over 200,000 kms no more problems.
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    Update again... Here we go with GM. The SM states that they have ruled out everything that the gm tech support has stated to do. So they have taken the belt off, tick still there, they say not the transmission, not the valve train, not the pistons. They are going to take off the oil pan in the morning and check the oil pump. I guess from what the SM says they have to go through all the hoops with the tech support until they give the ok to tear it down. I stated to the SM that if they tear it down they had better put a new motor in it. I do not want something that has an unknown sound in it that has been torn down and "fixed". I told her that if they tear it down it had better get a new motor. I am not sure if they have the know how or the resources i.e. clean shop to do a complete rebuild. I would think GM would say put a motor in it. Does anyone have any experience with all of this on GM's side. I thought by 06 they had this piston slap thing fixed. The wife's Tahoe it a 06 and you can pop the hood on hers while running and you can't even tell it is running. My truck idles and sounds like a duramax. They you rev to 2300 and it ticks like a bad out of hell... I guess i'll know something tomorrow. SM says that that is the last thing to check from GM then it is tear down time. Wonder what they'll find??

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    Fixing valve's, lifters, etc, isn't that major and probaby hasn't effected the rest of the motor. It's not necessary to replace the motor if they "tear down" the top end. I've done the top end of many motors with valve ticks or lifter noise and then run 'em for 100k + with no issues. If they do tap into the top of the motor, they'll have to replace seals, etc anyways, even if they find no issue there. Win-win in your situation. You could push for a new motor but chances are you'll never get it. Keep us updated.

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    I would call GM directly (800-222-1020) see what they say. In my experience they override what the dealership says, i.e. if dealer says no about a repair, GM says YES!

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    So I just talked to the dalership. Seems they jumped through all the hoops that GM said to, here is what we found. Bad Cam. The lobe on #3 was flat. So here is our fix. Replace cam and 1 lifter. That is it. I am pretty disappointed in GM for this fix. You mean to tell me I am going to have a new cam with old lifters riding on it. 40,000 miles and they are going to do a new cam and I can't get a new timing chain that is obviously a little stretched. So what does a guy do here. I am all about the warranty the 5 year 100000 is great. I will reach my 5 year long before I get to my 100000 mile mark. I don't drive it much, company truck gets all the miles. I am not to happy to have a new cam with all old parts except 1 lifter. I am not to happy they have had this thing all apart checking rod bearings and everything else and they expect me to get this thing back and not think about all the crap they did to it and I am supposed to be happy. Not to sure if I am. So do push for a longer warranty or do I tell them I am pissed and I want to trade or what. I want to run this thing 200k, that is what I do with chevy but after all this I am pretty disappointed.. What do you think??

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    OK so here we go. The shop foreman at the dealership said that he would never do a new cam with old lifters. Good sign for me. They say I can have it back on Friday. Seems out of the whole deal I get new lifters, new cam, new seals, new timing chain and done deal. I am pretty anxious to hear it run. What do you guys think as in problems in the future with this thing. I would say that if something is going to happen it would be happening pretty quick. The Head tech told me that since 1999 when the 5.3 hit the streets he has never replaced a cam shaft for a flat spot. Pretty strange deal though. I would of thought it would of been noticable all the time with a flat spot but I suppose it depends on where it was at on the lobe. I told him that I want to see the cam. I want to know where that spot it as. I mean I had no misfires, nothing. Just the tick. Anybody out there have cam problems with this motor?? Just a fluke I guess. Very strange though. Not to sure why GM had them pulling rod bearing caps and all that. The Tech did tell me that he was there when the guy pulled the rod caps and he said the bottom end looked like it was brand new. No tarnish nothing. So they tell me this motor is bulletproof. True or not. The 5.7 was a good motor. I ran one almost 200k and it was still strong. Had to do the spyder assembly at 80000 but after that was still running strong when I traded it for next to nothing. Seems that is what they are worth these days at the steelerships. Anyway, Let me know what all you guys have to say. Bad cam in 5.3... weird

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