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    Default Rocker Pod Giveaway - Cargo Step Storage for your Truck

    Ultimate Truck Gear
    have teamed up to give away a set of
    Rocker Pods!

    Rocker Pod Giveaway!
    It's time to do another giveaway. We're teaming up with Pete (Doberman) from Ultimate Truck Gear to give away a set of Rocker Pods!

    Quick Rocker Pod Giveaway Facts:

    Not a random contest. This is not a contest per-sey, it's a giveaway to bring together one member and Ultimate Truck gear. Ultimate Truck Gear is looking for a full-sized Chevy Truck owner who wants a free set of Rocker Pods that will have them installed, take photos, do a write-up and give an honest opinion.

    Vehicles Eligible. Any full-size GM product. Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Yukon, Tahoe, Avalanche and Hummer H2 or H3.

    Responsibilities. The truck owner will get a free set (product and shipping) in exchange for letting his/her Full-Sized GM truck be showcased. Whoever gets these must install them or have them installed (you must pay for installation charges if you have them installed) and be willing to take photos and do a product review. If you have visions of never installing these and just selling them on eBay, then this event is not for you.

    How to enter. You can officially "enter" by sending a Private Message on to Doberman. You can also reply to this message on You must 1) describe your truck, 2) any modifications that you have, 3) what you like about the Rocker Pod concept and when you can have them installed. Please send a photo of your truck!

    Dates: This campaign starts now and ends on April 1, 2009. -- Dates may change!

    Qualifications. Only members on who have posted at least 25 messages and those who have a photo album on the site are elligible! You must have a photo of your truck in your users photo album.

    Other rules. These rules can change at any time, without notice, please check back often.


    10 Chevy Traverse LT AWD
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    62 GMC 3/4 ton Pickup (350 police interceptor)

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    Great! Steve, I'm looking forward to this promotion. Just to let everyone know we are looking at all GM trucks, weather they are stock or customized. The final decision on the winner will be decided as impartially as possible. At this time I want to thank everyone who has shown an interest in our product, I appreciate all the encouragement. NOW LET THE FIRST EVER ROCKER POD PROMOTION BEGIN!!.....Good Luck to ALL!!

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    Default 2003 Silverado 2WD with towing package

    My truck gets used. I haul stuff all the time. Yesterday I hauled some huge rocks. last weekend I hauled a load of gravels. If I need to I can put my father in laws Toyota pickup in the back of my truck and haul it too...this is a real truck not a show truck.
    When I bought this truck new I considered a tool box but I knew that would not allow me to use the truck like I haul stuff. With a tool box in the back I could not haul the thirty bales of pine straw or the 50 bags of mulch for the landscaping at my home. With a tool box in the back I would not be able to haul the rip-rap, the gravel or the huge rocks because the tool box would be in the way. So I just have all my stuff crammed up under the backseat and find myself constantly having to move it around because it gets in the way.The Rocker Pods would allow me to store all of that gear and a whole lot more.

    No need for me to pay someone to mount the rocker pods..I can do it.

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    03 Silverado 2WD extended cab 5.3 with towing package white/silver

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    Default 2007 Sierra Rocker Pod entry

    I do think that the Rocker Pods donated by
    Ultimate Truck Gear

    would look great on my 2007 GMC Sierra. I haven't done any mechanical modifications but have added some custom stripes. This was just to make it look a little different from the hundreds of other trucks around. I've also added a under seat storage box made by Du-Ha. The one problem I have found is I still don't have enough storage when I go out of town scuba diving, if I could put the things I have in my under sear storage somewhere else I could then keep the sensitive and expensive other qear in the truck. Being out of sight would also help. Why beak in, if it looks like there is nothing inside. I would like to get them installed before spring break-up that way I can start utilizing the extra space right away. Thanks for have the opportunity to win something that is well thought up and a made in Canada product.

    Ron Cooper

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    Great loking trucks guys. Remember, read the rules, you have to have 25 posts (or otherwise prove that you're a good contributing member of GMTC).

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    Keep the posts coming in guys! Lots of great looking trucks!

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    Could these be destined for some one at GMTruckClub!!...And not just for a pickup truck.
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    I would love a set of these rocker pods for my truck, It is a show truck it does not go off-road. I can honestly say that I have the most diamondplate on this website on one vehicle, I love one off items like these. I have never been a follower in the truck market, and I think my truck represents that. A lot of people thing my truck is too much, which I appreciate their opinion but these would look awesome on my truck. The black box would match my truck, and the diamondplate tread would go with my diamondplate tonneau cover. I love the fact that they mount to the cab mounts, I hate to drill into the body for anything. I am definately able to put these on, I have installed everything on my truck by myself that didn't come from the dealer. I am willing to sacrifice my full length stainless steel step bars for these rocker pods to take there place, that's a $1,200 set of Iron Cross steps from Putco that will be wrapped in foam and stored in the garage. Anyways thanks for offering those to the members, honestly I hope Dwill gets them because they would put his truck over the top!
    2004 Chevy Colorado
    LS1 5.7 swap/TBSS rear axle swap

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    Keep the entries coming in people, this will end soon!

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    Did I miss the end of the contest? Hadn't heard anything in a while, but then again, haven't had much time to get on here in a while!!
    Here's my truck!

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